iPod Nano Vs. Spin Cycle

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 4, 2005.

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    That is amazing. You would think that the first time he tried to turn it on it would have fried. I guess we know how to clean the nano when it gets dirty. ;)
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    It's amazing, but I definitely would not have tried to turn it on when it was still wet. I would have let it dry for at least a day or two. That's something that would hold for any electronic device that got wet. But I don't know that I would have tried to open it to help it dry faster, like I would with other electronics. It is nice to see that the nano survived.
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    I think the dryer part makes me cringe even more than the full sudsy wash!

    Now what about the Shuffle? I bet that's happened many times. It's even easier to lose/forget, being even lighter than the nano. I bet by now some shuffles have done the full "wash-dry-fold-and-put-away" and been discovered weeks later in the pocket :eek:
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    Lucky nano.
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    Who cares if it still works? The key question is did it scratch? :rolleyes:
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    I wouldn't. Consider arstechnica's "stress" test there is no reason why a nano couldn't survive a little heat and bumping around a dryer full of clothing.
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    One of my teachers last year accidentally put his flash drive through the wash cycle. It still worked. Then over the summer, the same flash drive went through the entire wash and dry cycle and it still works.
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    The thing is that technically the iPod is always on. There is always power going to the Nano. Hence the reason there isn't a power switch and why when you hit play it doesn't show the Apple logo booting. It just turns the screen back on.
    How this Nano survived a wash with an electrical current without poping something on the curcuit board is beyond me. The music gods must have been smiling down on that iPod. Flash drives survive washes all the time. I've run a MS through the wash and it still works fine with my Sony camera. But something with a current in it? That's another matter.
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    The answer is low voltage.

    That whole device probably runs on like 5 volts, which may not be enough to allow soapwater to short the thing out. I bet if the nano ran on a car battery, it'd be fried at the first sign of water.

    I washed my cellphone twice, and swam in the river with it once. Give it a day in the sun to dry out and it works great. My Treo 600 (#1 of four) shorted out on me when i got caught in the rain. I'll never buy another Treo.
  11. sjk
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    My wife's iPod mini reboots after it's been idle for too long (+24 hours?). Not true with the nano?
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    Like Macs, normally an iPod is "asleep" when not in use. But left alone long enough, an iPod will actually turn off, and then you'll see it reboot next time you use it. Nano included, I'm sure.
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    A car battery is only 12 volts. That's not enough to shirt out more than about a millimeter either. The rule for electrical arcing is pretty much linear, but difficult to meausre at suck low voltages, but I think, that it's something like, for every 5000 volts you have, you can arc an inch. As long as he didn't put bleach in the washer, there are very few if any ionic compounds that would allow the water to conduct electrcity. i.e. You can Die in a pool in a storm, you can die in the ocean in a storm, but you can't die in a freshwater lake, unless of course you get hit directly by lightning.
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    I have DEFINITELY seen the Apple logo on my nano... if you don't use it for a certain amount of time, it definitely turns "off"... however, the clock keeps running. There's always some current moving in there.
  15. sjk
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    Which is why the function on the iPod is labeled Sleep. :)

    Thanks for confirming that.

    True. Obviously the battery only needs a miniscule charge to keep the clock running. I wonder how long it would take to run down enough for the clock to stop. If that happened maybe the battery would barely hold another charge or be forever dead?
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    im not sure about the details of flash drives, but doesn't that need a tiny bit of energey too?

    i once washed my nano. same issues. same resolution. someday ipods will be like contact lenses.

    "nobody move, i dropped my ipod!"
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    Nearly all detergents contain ionic compounds. That's one of the key ways surfactants work to clean clothes.

    As for damage, it's more than just the voltage. A battery can move a lot of current really fast, if shorted out. Enough to create a lot of heat, cause burns and even start fires. Even at low voltages. Especially lithium-ion batteries.

    Several years ago, I threw a few AA batteries (NiCd cells) into my pants pocket. They shorted against my keys. A few minutes later, they were hot enough that my leg was burned. (Fortunately, not seriously.) This is only 1.25 volts.
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    I think it takes about two days of sitting idle for an iPod to switch off, but they definitely do switch off.

    And yes, they're never completely off. Some circuits remain active - to drive the clock, and monitor for a click to turn them back on again.
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    That's a nice story, but my girlfriend's nano got a bath in her poncho's supposedly water-proof inside pocket on a rainy day, and it was completely dead from that. No amount of drying helped. No charging, no playing, no mounting, no nothing. Oh, we did get it to show the "no battery power" icon a couple of times after holding Menu + Select to try to reboot it. But that's it.

    So, er, please still be careful with your expensive little devices, people. Just because a couple of people screwed up royally and were lucky doesn't mean you can just do whatever you want... Of course, just because my girlfriend was unlucky doesn't mean the Nano's a piece of crap, either. We'll probably buy another one to replace it, in fact :p

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