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Discussion in 'iPod' started by neoelectronaut, Oct 15, 2011.

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    Now that the current iPod Nano design has been on the market over a year, what's the highlights in the watch band market?
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    I just picked up the Black TikTok for $40. Looks great and is very comfortable. For the price it was the best I could find. There were some cheaper options in the $25 range, but the bands looked cheap.

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    I looked at it when I was at the Apple store and almost picked it up. I may have to go back and get one. :)
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    I have both the iWatch and Tik Tok.

    The iWatch is cheaply made, but not as bulky as the Tik Tok. I don't like the wide band where the nano connects and the band is not long enough. I do think it's more comfortable to wear than the Tik Tok.

    The Tik Tok seems well made, but my black one scratches like crazy. Also, the plastic holder (the nano sits in) is rather large and uncomfortable on my wrist.

    They're both rather clunky and I don't use them as much as I thought I would. The fact that you have to press a button to activate the clock on the nano is fairly annoying too.

    I do love the new nano watch faces (especially the Mickey Mouse one). The next nano desperately needs bluetooth though.
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    I got a rubber band from ilovehandles and the silicone is really nice. It doesn't scratch or pull my hairy arms.
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    i'll hopefully will be getting a nano for my birthday. I want to use it as a watch, i love the lunatik and tik tok, and also looking at the iwatch too.
    I'm just wondering whether the hold for the ipod is good enough - i know the lunatik is screwed in which is good if you rarely want to take it out, but as i'm more in the iwatch and tik tok budget how well do these hold the nano?
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    Loving Mine

    Got it Yesterday
    Silver nano 8GB
    Tik Tok Black

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    I got the black tiktok over the weekend and it more comfortable than my fossil watch.
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    i got my lunatik since it was released thru kickstarter. I love it.
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    Me too! The lunatik is quite awesome and the aluminum guard really protects the ipod. note: this case is for those exclusively interested in using the watch since it is time consuming to take out.

    btw check out the lunatik Lynk!!

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    LunaTik and TikTok always get my vote!


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    I got my Loop wristband in today. So far, I like it. I wish it didn't say Loop on the side though.

    After trying the Tik Tok, Lunatik and iWatch, it's the only nano watch band I've been able to keep on all day without it bothering my wrist.
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    I'm looking at watch bands for Christmas gifts..any chance of getting some real world pictures?
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    I just ordered a Loop through Amazon. I'll try to post pics when it comes
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    I was looking for the most comfortable band, especially for athletic usage. Someone suggested the Loop, any other recommendations? I've personally always liked Velcro wristbands, but meh.
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    Are there *any* ipod nano watch straps that orient the nano so that the headphone jack is perpendicular to the arm and not parallel?

    The only one I have found is "The Ultimate One". I am looking for others.

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