iPod Nano won't turn on

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Mr. Anderson, Jan 22, 2007.

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    Mr. Anderson

    So for some weird reason my iPod nano won't come on. It has a charge and it was working earlier today.

    I've also connected it to my Mac, but it doesn't show up on the desktop either.

    Any one know what might be wrong and what I can do?

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    Have you tried resetting it: Toggle hold button on and off again, then hold down menu + center button for 5+ seconds? (Preferably while connected to power, although I've done it without bothering.)
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    Does Disk Utility see it?

    I had the same thing happen with a shuffle and it was dead...they replaced in within seconds at the Genius Bar since it was under warranty.
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    Switch the hold switch back and forth several times and then menu and center button - tried that?
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    Mr. Anderson

    I held down the menu button for a while and it eventually booted up. So that's fine - but the thing that gets me is why it shutdown in the first place...:confused:

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    My nano seems a tad unstable after I added the Nike+ thingy, and locking up every now and then (often just as I connect or disconnect said Nike+ thingy and/or syncing it after a run)... and I've had to reset it several times (luckily it hasn't lost any data, yet). The same thing goes for my girlfriend's nano with Nike+, so I guess an update shouldn't be too far off... ;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Interesting...especially since that's really all I use the iPod for - I don't listen to it except when I'm running.

    Hopefully the update comes soon - if I lose some data I'd be a bit miffed.

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    Try doing the reset thing, if that doesnt work try leaving it connected for a couple of days and then try again.

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