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iPod not the apple of everyone's eye in the trade

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 11, 2005.

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    Nothing to see here.

    Just another idiot who thinks Apple should bow to Microsoft's DRM schemes just because some music services have chosen that format.

    What's this "iTunes.com" he's talking about? :rolleyes:

    And why is it Apple's problem that Sony wants to put some form of WMA anti-piracing scheme on all their CDs...?

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    What I don't understand, is that he wants to buy cds, therefore he will have to buy another player because sony is going to put copy protection on all their cds here.

    He will actually buy this junk? I hate record companies. I can't wait until we don't need them anymore. :mad:
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    Don't worry I will be sending Peter Griffin an informed email later today in response to his article.
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    Plays for almost sure

    I love the quote

    "But it seems that Apple might be backing itself into a corner in its desire to protect its software and online music businesses. "

    Did this guy not pay any attention to what just happened in Japan? Sony's own artists want to jump ship so they can get on iTunes! If anyone's backing themselves into a corner, it's Sony and the whole rest of the music biz, and that's the real reason why they hate Apple! Apple could potentially take them out of the picture if they wanted to. Just like how Actors stopped having to stay with the same Movie company...

    Wonder too if we should tell this guy about how this researcher was caught off guard by Microsoft's "Plays for Sure" program


    I would wager a bet that for the 20% that DIDN'T originally buy an iPod, over 50% of them ended up purchasing one after failing to get a cheaper WMA player to work.
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    That's a smokescreen, labels aren't worried about those services per se. They are worried because their entire business model depends on having control over distribution. This possibility, Apple as direct competition to the labels, scares them really well and is now becoming reality.
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    You know what, I've come to realise something.

    I don't care.

    I'll explain.

    We all (most of use here) Macs, and we enjoy them.
    We have everything we need.

    Do Macs have 75% market share?
    Naw, does it make a difference to us?
    I don't feel it does.

    Would an iPod be as good as it is now if it have say 20% market share?
    I think that it would be.

    Another thing.

    Apple has their music store to sell iPods and then in turn sell Macs.

    No other music store provider also sells music online (I think), so Apple is the only company not trying to make money on their store (and the only company making money on their store (I think, again)).

    Sorry if that didn't make sense/was wrong.
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    You can email Peter at petergnz@gmail.com
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    You know I would, but for the most part, Peter's just a clueless kid, and obviously a Microsoft-ingrained techie. You'd be better off writing the editor instead and quoting this thread.

    I regularly read the NZ Herald, so this column did concern me as being more biased opinion than fact (especially in the light of recent events). But not being a local 'Kiwi' (I'm a Brit living in the US) I'd understand his frustration of the fact that there's no iTunes in New Zealand yet, and so there's no realistic options available.

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    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah... [bleepin] idiot! cry me a river buddy. get an ipod, love it, and shut the [bleep] up. this guy is just pissed off and keeps contradicting half the stuff he said in the previous paragraph.

    apple will not accept the m$ drm and neither should they. apple has usually been and will continue to be revolutionary. get on the bus or shut up. this is kinda like the days of beta vs. vhs. were not debating the quality or specifics of the format, but it's obvious who the people embraced in that war and though beta was actually better quality, it didn't matter... and so shall apple triumph.
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    I have to say that generally he writes some pretty good "informed" articles.
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    I tend to keep a look out for his articles in the Friday editions of the NZ Herald.
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    Might agree with you if you were refering to Adam Gifford. But Peter Griffin's articles are almost all based on "big-kid" themes. Namely Music, Windows, Mobiles and Video Games. This is the same guy who gave 5 stars to Grand Theft Auto...
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    Isn't this the guy from Family Guy?

    Anyway, "backing themselves into a corner" implies that Apple is closing options that it WOULD have had, and now no longer does.

    What stops Apple from supporting Microsoft's format any time they want? How have they lost that option?


    1. Of course Apple doesn't want to help MS get another monopoly.

    2. The phrase is PAINTED themselves into a corner, I think :)
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    i don't see how apple is in trouble, MS is the worried one right now
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    I cant comment on the game dept since Im not a gamer but Ill go with the rest :)
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    I'd even argue with that nagromme! I think a better cliche would be they've taken the high ground advantage. All other competitors are now battling uphill to get at Apple's market- and mind-share. They haven't really painted themsselves into a corner because Apple can opt out of their scheme with a quick software update to allow Ogg, WMV (shudder) playback etc if/as the market dictates. They can also easily make fairplay available to others if absolutely necessary.
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    Easy Solution

    All of these analysts, especially the ones who "don't own an iPod and won't get one until Apple makes it compatible with other music services" should realize that there is a simple solution to all of this--sell music without proprietary DRM. They all want Apple to open up its system but don't demand the same from other services. Why get mad at Apple when MS is doing the same thing--oh yeah, iTunes songs will not work on the Samsung Yepp, with revolutionary features like FM radio, that is totally better than the iPod.

    People shouldn't just get mad at Apple. If interoperability is an issue, they should demand that all companies agree on a common standard or do away with DRM. In fact, iTunes is compatible with WMA, just not DRMed WMA. It's also compatible with many other standards-based formats like .mp3 and non-DRM AAC, in addition to Fairplay-protected AAC from the iTMS.

    People need to start working to solve the problem, not just attack the most successful company. And if they're going to attack a company that controls a popular platform, they shouldn't set up MS as an example of a pure and innocent competitor.
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    So...you're saying that iTunes' DRM is like VHS (the choice people made) even though Microsoft's DRM (Betamax) is better? ;)

    While I am pleased that Apple is having such phenomenal success with the iTunes/iPod combination, I think that it is important for people to recognize that Apple's strategy of not allowing all other formats is not unlike that of another computer software company (MS) that so many people here seem to dislike immensely. While I'm not commenting on this to bash Apple, I'm trying to point out that companies will do what they think is best competitively. Just because Apple is Apple does not mean that their strategy is any better than that of their competitors who have done similar things in the past. If this were Microsoft blocking Apple-supported file types, the Mac faithful would be complaining up and down about it and calling Microsoft anti-competitive etc. etc. :rolleyes: The reason people are looking to Apple to open up their software to other formats is because they ARE (for once) the industry leaders in music players and online distribution. If the leader does it, more might fall in line.

    All of that said, I think that Apple is making smart decisions with the iPod line (listening to and anticipating consumer demands) and I sincerely hope their success continues. :D
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    I fully agree. And I'd complain to Coketunes/OD2, not Apple. You'd expect music stores to be compatible with the most popular player.

    But if you use iTunes to rip, then you'll end up with AAC, not WMA. What an idiot. :rolleyes:
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    Shouldn't it be the other way round? Note the fact that the iPod has been out for 4 years

    Again, that's Sony's fault. Luckily, us mac-users are exempt from this invasion of privacy and rights, but it's still highly annoying.

    So it was curious, and interested, but not invasive or destructive

    All I can say is "yep, it's a zealot, alright"
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    Gawd, how full of **** is this bloke? I could hardly bear reading the whole piece. And then there isn't even an easy way to comment directly from the article, I wonder why.

    What basically ticks me off is not even that the poor chap seemingly has no idea about the bigger picture of M$-DRM schemes and what the MI wants to do with them (go buy your copy protected CD from Britney infecting your WinTel with spyware, be happy), but this totally out attitude of people complaining about the obvious.

    iPods don't work with WMA. It's an information you can hardly miss, even if you don't care about making an educated buying decision. If WMA is so goddamn important to you because you are a total masochist and like to lick the dung off coorperate boot, then don't buy an iPod! Just don't do it! Buy iRiver, I hear they do nice stuff. Since you are so hot on WMA you will happily sacrifice the superior experience of iTunes+iPod for buying at cokewhatnot.com.
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    Agreed--they certainly have not backed OR painted themselves into any corners.

    I just meant that the article got the cliché wrong, using "backed" when he meant "painted" :)

    Someone else can back you into a corner I suppose... but to do the job yourself you need paint!
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    The problem is that until Apple gets around to releasing iTMS, you don't really have a choice apart from Coke and physical CDs :(
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    Well, I still use CDs much more than iTMS even if that was launched a couple of months ago.

    My iTunes library build-up:
    CDs ? 10.000 tracks (including some audiobook CDs).
    iTMS = 8 songs.


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