iPod on the Xbox 360

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 21, 2005.

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    that is pretty slick, but i'll still just stream my music wirelessly to my stereo while i'm playing before i would do this.
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    Does the Xbox 360 support AAC? I've been asking around. I know it doesn't support protected AAC music.
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    Nope, only Mp3 and unprotected WMA.
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    There will be a free update through the Xbox LIVE Marketplace to get AAC support. They can't support it out of the box due to licensing issues though. As for the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, well, it's free now, so as long as you can plug an Ethernet cable into your 360, you'll be fine.
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    Thanks. I've been curious about that. I'm not buying a Xbox though. <.<
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    Little clarification though. The 360 will support AAC. It WON'T support protected AAC files downloaded off of ITMS. You can thank Apple for that. They don’t license FairPlay. :mad:
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    My statement was in response to a person that said "I know it doesn't support protected AAC music", so... yeah. Anyway, it's not that they didn't want to license FairPlay. They spoke to Apple and tried to work something out in regards to FairPlay. Apple basically told them to **** off. Still, it does support HFS+ formatted iPods (which was an actual surprise for me, I only expected FAT32 support).
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    Yeah, sorry about that other poster. I knew it didn't support protected AAC's already. I'm surprised that it supports +HFS iPods too.
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    Yah I read that. Just clarifying and pointing out with flags for those who didn't know and were considering the 360. I've already had to correct several fellow iPod owners who automatically assume AAC support == iTMS playback.

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