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Discussion in 'iPod' started by mark1958, Mar 12, 2005.

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    Does anyone know if the new IPOD photo devices support Canon RAW images. Can you download,store, and view these images? Mark
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    Mr. Anderson

    How are you uploading the images? I just bought a Canon 20D and if I could do this instead of lugging around my powerbook that would be a great reason to get an iPod.

    There are some other manufacturers of Photo storage systems that handle RAW - the Epson P-2000.

    And you can get card readers for the iPod to transfer photos - but I don't know if it will handle RAW. I look forward to finding out.

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    From what I've read iPod Photo does take RAW pictures, they can be transfered via a media reader so I don't think you have a problem there
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    But can you view those images

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    I think the epson p2000 is the best but i already travel with an ipod and thought i would try to minimize my gear when i travel. Mark

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    iPhoto turns the RAW images you import into JPEGS, so when you import, you are actually importing a JPEG thumbnail.
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    Mr. Anderson

    So is only the thumbnail converted to JPG or is the RAW file converted? The 20D shoots RAW and JPG at the same time, so if I used it I'd have two files per shot. I'd not want to lose the RAW file.

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    You won't lose the RAW - normally what I do is record an action to strip out all of my RAW images from the file browser, though, and import the JPEGS into iPhoto.

    You original file, in the case of RAW (so far as I have seen) remains untouched.

    I only use iPhoto for cataloguing, so I may be off here, but that's the way I understand it.
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    THere is no way that the ipod will convert a RAW image into JPG. That requires a fairly complex software and would serve no purpose for those who want to shoot in RAW. I am using a canon 1Dsmk2 and the files are large. Perhaps i should take a card to a mac store and see if i can do a trial run.

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    Mr. Anderson

    That would be fantastic and I'd love to know if it works.

    Also, see if you'll need to use the iPod Photo or if any of the iPods will do. I'm not all that concerned about browsing the images, I'd just like to have something to store them on temporarily before archiving them later.

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    I have a Canon Digital Rebel and an iPod Photo 60Gb. I don't believe that it will display RAW photos (although I'm curious now, so I'll try it), but if you just want to store the RAW files on the iPod, you can just enable it for disk use and drag them on that way...
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    I think we're all missing the mark here

    The original poster wants to use the iPod Photo as a field storage device for images shot in RAW format on the Canon. No iPhoto software or Mac computer involved. THis requires using the Media reader for the iPod which I don't know if anybody has seen yet (anybody?)

    The questions are:
    1) Can RAW images be copied onto the iPod Photo from a media card through the Apple reader hardware? I can't find the Apple reader on the Apple site, Apple is still pushing the Belkin media reader.

    Darwin says yes -- do you have a link to the literature, D?

    2) as a bonus once RAW images are loaded on iPod Photo, will it preview them on its own screen? Or will it take the JPG preview from the Canon and correctly display that?

    We know that images can be transferred on and off a Mac, and processed into a form that the iPod Photo will display, but I don't think that is the intention.
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    My apologies, I'll keep my nose out of this one!
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    iPhoto (with latest updates) wont download my RAW shots from my Canon S70...so I figure that iPod Photo with new attachement will also fail...
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    She can plug her Canon 20D into her 60gb Ipod Video using the adapter and pull RAW images down to it. Currently though we don't know of any way to view those RAW files on the Ipod, it's just storage.[/QUOTE]

    Several hour ago my girlfriend also tried to download RAW files from Canon 20D to Ipod Video 30G - unfortunately no success. When connect Ipod to the camera the 'unsupported device' message shows on Ipod screen. The same error happends when connecting to the card reader with the same card having RAW.

    Can you advice what your girlfried did to push RAW files to IPod directly (using Apple Camera Connector).

    Another question - it's said above that some Belkin stuff could be helpfull in that case of downloading RAW to Ipod. Can anybody tell what it is. Link would be greatly appreciated.

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    You can transfer any photos from your camera with the iPod Camera Connector. The iPod will display JPEGs but will only display a circular RAW logo (untill you connect the iPod back to your mac, it then syncs the appropriate JPEG version of the RAW file back to it).

    Mr.Anderson, I also have a Canon 20D & send my RAW files to it frequently, so you're in luck!

    Check out the iPod Camera Connector list of supported cameras for further details.

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