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iPod Photo battery problem

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Studawg7, Mar 5, 2005.

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    I just got an ipod photo 40Gb last week. i love it and its works great except for this major issue. Seems the battery dies overnight if i dont leave it in the dock. I used it a little the other day and then turned it off during the evening and slid the hold button on. Then i didnt touch it till the next afternoon whereupon my ipod told me there was little to no power left. This is the second time the overnight issue has occured. whats going on here?? anyone else with an issue like this?

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    Did you give it a complete charge on the AC charge before you did anything else (when you first got it)?
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    sure did, it got a full charge before I synched it with my ibook. I used the ac charger too and did not charge via firewire or usb.
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    Try running it right down and then do another full charge to see if that fixes the battery life. Test the life by setting it up playing to headphones at half volume with your whole music collection on repeat somewhere you can come back routinely and see when it stops.
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    seems to be playing the estimated amount of time. I am going to try and run it a bit (about 25% of the battery) today and then tonight turn it off and not charge it to full. If there is no problem, the battery should still have some juice left in it tomorrow morning. I ll keep you posted
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    today i had it charging all night, mostly it was fully charged when i went to bed so this morning it had to have a full charge. i went to start it up, and i had 3/4 of battery. i did shuffle my library and go through the menus to the games but didnt play anything. im a little concerned about all this, but maybe its just the battery meter. im really not sure what to do.

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