iPod prevents jogger from hearing plane land on and kill him

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Tilpots, Mar 16, 2010.

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    Plane kills beach jogger in S.C. emergency landing

    What a way to go...:eek:
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    I smell a new lawsuit on our hands...haha.

    That is insane though. Back in high school track, our coach always told us not to run with headphones as you can't hear cars (that are behind you) or planes, I guess.
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    Poor dude.

    Which is partly why you're supposed to run/walk against oncoming traffic.. airplane traffic though, all bets are off.
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    Good thing I am an old school runner and have never run with headphones. :D
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    Hardly where you'd expect traffic of any kind though…
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    There was probably nothing to hear. Single-engine planes are almost silent when making normal idle-throttle landings, and it sounds like there may have been a total engine failure in this case, removing even that slight noise. All he could have heard then would be the rush of wind over the plane. Not easy to hear standing still, let alone running in the opposite direction, iPod or not.
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    True.. but I was talking about FSMBP's high school track coach.

    Good point.. gliding doesn't make much noise.
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    [lame joke]

    Perhaps he was listening to one of the following:

    • The Propellerheads
    • The B-52's
    • Jefferson Airplane
    • Aerosmith

    [/lame joke]
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    Wait, you mean planes don't have horns to blow? :p
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    When did Toyota start making aircraft?
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    That jogger ended up on the wrong side of a statistical improbability.
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    I see a new market for an iPod accessory... an aircraft proximity sensor that alerts you to incoming aircraft. Call it iDuck.
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    Compile 'em all

    It is clearly steve jobs's fault!
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    I run 5 - 6 days a week and never do I wear air buds/headphones. Not because of any safety concern but just because they fall out as I sweat.

    Anyways my point here is, even w/o them, I can get into a "zone" and not hear anything. While wearing them certainly blocks out outside noises, its completely plausible that this accident could have still occurred even if he was not using the ipod.
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    Agreed, it is just one of those fluke things. Sort of like this story.

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    Lord Blackadder

    As others have said, nothing to hear, the aircraft was gliding with a dead engine.

    It won't make me change my habits - if a plane is going to make an emergency landing on me, chances are I'm not going to be prepared for it anyway.

    At least the family have some good material for an epithet. "Look out!" perhaps?
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    I'd love to see the odds on that one.

    Wonder if the guy "felt" something coming up behind him? I hope he never turned around. Better to not know at that point, I guess...
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    Fixed :)
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    Even if the iPod never blew up and is the iconic music player we have now (as opposed to being a Sony device for example), people would still wear em' and sometimes die.
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    No, I still lived in Florida at the time. But what a way to go.
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    This is why I don't jog.
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    Awesome. :)
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