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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by The_Wall, Jul 26, 2003.

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    Hey guys, I am still using my Windows PC and am awaiting the arrival of the new powerbooks whenever that maybe. However I want to buy an iPod now so I will have it for an upcoming trip in a week or so.

    My plan was to use my current PC, which has a USB2 port in it, and upload a bunch of mp3s and then in a month or two when I get my PB to use the iPod with iTunes. Does anyone know if that will be a problem as far as using it with a PC for a month or so then using it with my Mac.


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    No. The iPods can connect with both now and are not designated windows or mac only as an earlier version was. Everything should work fine unless musicmatch and itunes reocngnize the files differently which i doubt.
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    No problem using it as PC then converting it to Mac, you will just have to run the updater and switch it. However before doing that I would backup your mp3s incase you lose them while making the conversion. (you can't use a PC formated iPod on a Mac and vise versa, you have to run the updater and choose either Mac or PC this is what I gather from Apple's FAQ on the iPod)

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    Oh one more thing the 3G iPod doesn't come with the USB cable, you would have to buy that seperatly. Apple does sell a wire that has both USB 2.0 & FireWire Cable for PC users it is $29.00 under iPod accessories

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    Mike, I am not sure what u mean by running the "updater". Do you think you could elaborate a little for me..thanks
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    Oh sorry it is the iPod software updater, it makes you choose between Mac OSX or Windows.

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    one more thing guys, if i waited and bought an iPod with a new Mac and bought the Applecare would the Applecare cover the ipod as well. Thanks
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    I don't think so, Applecare is usually specific to the product you buy it for. I have Applecare for my eMac but I am sure it wouldn't cover my iPod even if I had bought it at the same time. Applecare is product specific.

    I went to a local apple reseller here in Ottawa called compusmart and since they carry iPods I was able to buy a 2 year extension on my warrenty for $70 CAD. I would recomend asking around, usually as long as you have 3 months left on your manufactureres warrenty some retailers mayh offer to let you buy an extended one.

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    the only reason i wondered is because on a thread in Thinksecret they mentioned it covered it but I could find no documentation of it on the Apple web site....thanks for all ur help.

    (Soon to be Switcher)
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    the fineprint in the applecare statement does say something about Apple accessories purchased with the Mac are covered.I don't have applecare personally but i have heard this from numerous sources on these boards
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    you'd hope it was covered.... applecare is terribly expensive....

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