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iPod rating

Discussion in 'iPod' started by fatandlazy11, Mar 24, 2006.

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    Not like anyone cares about my opinons... but here is my list of iPods in rank

    1. 1 gigabyte Shuffle
    2. 512 shuffle
    3. 20 gig 4G ipod
    4. 4 gig mini 2G
    5. 5 gig 1G ipod

    NOW for the bad list, goin backwards (Only 3 iPods I truely dislike)

    3. 60 gig 5G ipod ( who needs that much freakin space?)
    2. 3G iPod. (just the design... bleck!!)

    and, my number one all hated ipod ever is... the iPod Nano! ( reasons for this, It's just too small to have a screen, Extremely prone to damage and breakage, and way too expensive.) But what I hate even more then the nano, is people who own the nano. before you go flaming me, LET ME FINISH!!! I dont hate EVERY person who owns the nano, just those who show it off to complete strangers to be cool.
    "Hey, you! check out my iPod nano, It's pretty sweet, isn't it?" GIVE ME A BREAK! When I get a new iPod, i dont announce it to the world. I will answer questions, IF someone comes up and asks me about it. I had some one come up to me once, sporting his "Brand awesomely new iPod nano!" dude, i really dont give a f***k. you've got your ipod ive got mine. Now, thank you for listing to my rant, it wasnt supposed to be a rant, but thank you anyway. I feel better now after wenting a bit of rage.
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    By the way, I'd like to see your good and bad lists too. (No, i dont mind if you do a bit of ranting.:) )
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    My list is pretty much the TOTAL reverse of yours.
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    Hey there, don't insult my white 60gb ipod. You may wonder what all that space goes to... well it's going to my music videos plus movies and music. And I will use it all up no kidding!

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    Ok, sorry, i just dont see the use. Sure, I know people who have 100 videos, 20,000 songs, yet they only use about half of the 60 gig harddrive. I myself, only have about 150 songs, about 100 I truely like. (which is why i have a 512 meg shuffle)
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    I agree with you a lot. I mean one of my friends wants a 60GB video ipod, but even with what I consider medium-large library (10GB almost 3000 songs) I don't see why she needs so much space.
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    I have a black 60GB 5th Gen. iPod, and it's almost full. I have over 160 videos on it, over 5000 songs, and about 5000 pictures. It'll be full in no time. I don't understand the people who buy 1GB iPods, I mean eventually you'll have more music than 1GB can handle. ;)
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    Not everyone has a small music collection. I myself have over 3500 songs in my iTunes library, and it goes every week. I have almost 8 gigs of videos in my iTunes, but not video iPod......yet. It's not that hard to fill up an iPod, and more is almost always better. I have a 40gig photo, which I also use to transfer files and such between computers and to share with my family and friends. I have filled up about 25 gig with music and photos.

    Also, maybe people rip their music at much higher bitrates than what Apple does. Some use Lossless, which takes a CD track and makes the file about half without losing any quality.

    Just because you don't need a 60 gig harddrive doesn't mean no one does, or that it is stupid to have.
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    True, but you people with 3000+ songs... How do you even know that many? Videos and photos, I can understand. But who can even name 3000+ songs off the top of thier head? Maybe I'm just picky, but 100 songs is all I have, all i need. (It's actuallly 92, 413 megs. I could load my entire libary of songs onto my ipod shuffle, and STILL have room left over.)
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    Some of us have been on this earth a long time and have a lot of music. I have to give a lot of thought to what actually gets to go on my 60gigger. Would you like me to start naming songs - we could be here for a long time!
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    I would almost be the complete opposite too...

    The mini and the nano are pretty much 1a and 1b for me.

    2. The 3g, (As most I've seen on this forum, is cool because it was different. It as my first iPod, I wish i hadn't sold it.)

    3. The 5g

    4. The og...1G, first of all iPods.

    Now for the one's i didn't like.

    i hated the wheel on the 4g...i knew 5-6 people who had them, and the wheel felt like as if it was going to fly off at any time. It seemed very wonky and loose on every one. (I've got 4 friends with 5g's and my own, and I haven't seen this once. It's rather tight feeling and precise.)

    And my least favorite is the shuffle, first, let me explain so I don't get flamed, I would consider having one if I jogged or rode a bike quite a bit. But that's it. Only reason I'd have one. It seems like a beating even if i'm riding a bike, if I want to hear a song I know I have on there, I have to go through 90+ songs possibly to find it. (I think this is why the nano is worth the extra $). Also, it looks like a long skinny bar of that cheap arse hotel soap.
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    Question...how many cd's do you own? less than 10? ;) You must be a very even keel person and never have any mood changes or get tired of things. If you can have only a 100 songs, and be happy, more power to you. What kind of music is it if you mind me asking? The breakdown of what you have just intrigues the hell out of me...

    I listen to everything that plays on my iPod, all 5,798 songs. (Not all at once of course.) For example, I have over 150 Korn songs, I like 90% of them. Same goes for Willie Nelson (Over 70 songs), Nine Inch Nails (Over 130 songs), Robert Earl Keen (Over 110 songs), Tool (Over 70 again as well).

    I like many others, have almost 4,500 pics on my 5g as well, plus 188 videos.
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    Could you recommend a couple of good Willie Nelson albums?
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    If you want to be safe, go for any of the "Best of" Albums...some of his stuff that wasn't on the radio, is kinda annoying. But a lost of it is pretty good. It's all pretty different.

    There is a great one called VH1 Storytellers, it's him and Johnny Cash. Amazing. Red Headed Stranger is one of my favs overall.

    BTW...he's got a million albums, be prepared to look a while.
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    2-6 gigs is too small... if there was a 10 gig mini that would be nice:) but I think the 30gigers are good... also can be used as a hd
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    Scarlet Fever

    my favourite is the Mini. The capacity sucked majorly, but i think it is the best designed iPod yet. People have sued Apple for excessive scratches on their iPods, but the minis seem to laugh at scratches.

    Other than that, i like the 5th gen, but its not my fav. I love the colour display and the videos, but its too slow (changing songs/menus). And it needs a brightness adjuster.
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    Nice Rant. "We're looking for an everyman to rant about petty, non-sensical irritants to replace out 'Spotlight On The Middle East' segment."

    Oh wait, Lebanon is back in full session...

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