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iPod sharing music?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by ScotRobson, Aug 1, 2004.

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    Hi all

    I recently set up a seperate user account for my partner, thanks to everyone that helped with that!

    I set up iTunes so that we could share each others music (some of the same things we like!) without having to rip a cd to both user accounts.

    I need to know if there is a way when he is updating his iPod if he can put some of my music onto his iPod aswell? and vice versa.

    Many thanks
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    He can probably just make a playlist with the music he wants and drag/drop it onto his ipod in itunes.
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    I can't drag any music from my list to his library - it shows as "scots shared music" as a seperate playlist and you cant drag anything from there.
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    hmm first time on macrumors ive not sorted out my problem - someone must be able to help - is my thread hidden from everyone? :)
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    You can only sync music to the iPod from your own library, not from a shared one. If you were to give him read access to the files in question he could add them to his Library (2 accounts on 1 computer?) and it would all be sorted.
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    Cool thanks - so how do i give him read access? there are no limits set up for his account and yeah 2 accounts on 1 computer

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    It's all going to get Unixy! File permissions (if you look from the terminal at least) look something like:


    The first character will be a d if it's a directory and a - otherwise. The you have three sets of rwx (of which any of the letters can be a -).

    -=not set (i.e. rw- = read,write,no execute)

    The first set are for the file owner. The second set is for the group and the third is for the "world". If you have the files owned by a group that you are both in the group permissions would be OK. As you are in a non-networked environment (more or less) giving world read persmissions is pretty safe. You can probably do this from the Finder, but you can also do it from the Terminal:

    Open Terminal and type:
    cd Music[return]
    chmod -R a+r *

    And wait a little while.

    To add them to iTunes browse to your user folder then through Music to the files.

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