ipod shuffle 1GB syncing to ibook taking way TOO LONG!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by wnameth, Jan 6, 2006.

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    okay, i am using my ipod shuffle, i updated it and now i am importing enough songs to fill it up, well it has been transfering for over half an hour and it still has 96 songs left.. why is it so slow, the ibook has USB 2.0, and i could have sworn that it was near the speed of firewire...this transfer would take a couple minutes with firewire
    any ideas?
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    Do you have the option turned on that converts songs to 128kbs AAC format when they're transferred to the shuffle? If so, that significantly adds time to transferring songs.
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    yes, but even then, it is still transferring now (from where it was before) thats like 1.5 hours for less then a Gig...
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    I would still recommend turning that option off. Converting your songs to 128kpbs on the fly will be hampered by anything else you are doing on your iBook at the time don't forget.

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