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iPod Shuffle - Almost tempted..

Discussion in 'iPod' started by tobio, Feb 15, 2005.

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    When I first saw the iPod shuffle, i was a little disappointed, and thought "who in their right minds would want one of those?" however the more I think about it, and the more rumours i hear from various sources make it seem more tempting. I have a set of questions that I want to put out here to existing owners in order to "set the record straight" on what it can and cant do.

    1) Does the shuffle cache files into local memory like big ipods?
    It is known that regular hard drive ipods like to have songs of something like 6-8Mb in size, any bigger and it has to play them off the hard disk and drains the battery more etc. I mostly listen to recorded radio shows, usually between 100-150Mb each, and don't fancy cutting them into smaller chunks. This has been one factor to put me off buying a regular ipod so far (along with lack of radio), so is this still the case with Shuffle?

    2) Can you choose what bitrate itunes downsamples to when transferring music?
    I have read here and there that when itunes puts a playlist of say Apple Lossless onto the shuffle, it will convert it to 128Kbps AAC files on the fly. This is perfect for me because the few cds that i do actually own are all in itunes as lossless and there is no need for that quality when i am cycling to work. Are you stuck with just 128 AAC or can you go lower?

    3) Can you scan forwards and rewind through songs, or is it just next/previous only?

    Answer these questions to my satisfaction and i just may treat myself to one of these cuties on payday... Of course i could go up to the apple shop and play with one first, but others may be wondering the answers to these questions too.
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    1) There is no need. Shuffle uses Flash Memory for ALL storage. There is no disk to spin down so no power saving would come out of this.

    Others, no idea!
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    Reasons why the Shuffle is so tempting:

    1. Price
    2. Battery life
    3. Size
    4. Plug and Play
    5. Simplicity

    iTMS is a plus. :)
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    1. No. Flash mem needs no cache in that sense

    2. No. 128 AAC only. Watch the skies for itunes 5...

    3. No. (Next/previous only)

    1gb Shuffle-owner gives you the low-down.

    One other drawback: USB 1 & 1gb Shuffle means 15mins to fill it up...
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    2) Don't know

    3) You can scan by holding down the forwards or backwards

    One more nice thing is you can use itunes to set up how much disk space to use for music and how much for data, if you have the need to transfer files between systems.
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    But it's the size that's truly amazing. I took mine to work today and a good third of the office (about 40 out of 120 or so) came over to have a gawp at it. The size was the first they all mentioned!
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    Oh, really?

    *checks quickly*

    Oh, yeah! Cool...

    Thanks for that.
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    Here is how I ended up with a shuffle...

    I went into the local apple store to buy a new set of earbuds Sunday night (lost the old ones).

    I was somewhat surprised to find that replacement buds cost $40.

    I noticed 512 Shuffle for $100.

    I figured that if I buy that, I'll get my headphones, plus a shuffle for only $60.

    I now have a dedicated biking/skiing/workout-Pod loaded with tunes to get me fired up and don't have to worry about messing up my 30GB.

    Me = Happy :D
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    wow talk about a jack up on those ear bud prices.. yikes.. those things shouldn't cost more than $10.. and that's still a profit for apple..

    anyway.. if you listen to audible content.. the Shuffle works great.. however i use my 20gig due to having the display.. helps knowing kinda where i am...
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    Now Motos dropped the ball (as far as I am concerned Q4, single blah design, and no real detail on interface) I am looking at a shuffle. Has anyone got the Shuffle protective case...is it worth the money or are third parties likely to produce better for less?
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    I don't believe that any of the shuffle accessories (except the separate charger) have shipped yet. I did see one 3rd party case that looked kinda promising (don't recall link at this time) but it wasn't even shipping yet.
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    I'm still undecided about the shuffle. I have the 60GB photo, but would prefer to use something smaller for the gym. Points against at the moment are -

    • only supports one playlist,
    • no clock, so doesn't update last played time,
    • some report that it is oversensitive to moisture, hence could be a problem at the gym

    I may well wait for a revised mini now, before deciding.
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    Thanks guys for all your help! i guess the only choice for me now is wether to get 1gig or 1/2... hmm... thinks of a further question for you.

    can the shuffle communicate with both PC and mac in the same way, or does it have to be reformatted for NTFS / AFS+ ?

    not that 1gig is that drastic to lose, but it would be nice to be able to bung on an extra song or two when at work on days i didn't bring my PB in - without having to initailise the whole thing replace most of the same data.

    If it has to be converted from one to the other i would probably get 1gig, if it is equally compatible with both then 512Mb will do me fine.
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    iPod shuffle is formatted FAT32, so should work equally well with both PC and Mac, without any need to reformat, just like plain USB flash drives.
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    I think Marware has a nice neoprene sleeve for the shuffle, which I'll be checking out since reading the "iPod shuffle Sensitive to Moisture/Sweat" post.

    I love mine - wear it all day, listen to it at least 12 hours a day at work, and then when at home working. Yes, I work too much. :p
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    I think I'm going to wait for the 2nd revision. Hopefully they'll fix the 4 things that bug me about it currently.

    - Not water-resistant
    - awkward slider on the back
    - dubious firmware support for aacplus
    - slow usb transfer

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