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iPod Shuffle and iMacs

Discussion in 'iPod' started by kjeles, Mar 6, 2005.

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    None of my three iMacs (3-4 years old, all running on OS 10.3.8) recognize iPod Shuffles (works fine on my PowerBook G4, though). What might the problem be with the iMacs?
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    Have you updated iTunes? needs to be 4.7.1. I forgot to update iTunes when I got my shuffle and was cursing it for 10 minutes until I realised what I'd done. Run the cd that came with the shuffle and install iTunes and the iPod updater (22/01/05?) and then it should work. Hope it works
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    Even with iTunes 4.7.1

    Thanks for reply. In fact, I do have the latest iTunes (4.7.1) and iPod Updater on all machines. But still, no reaction.
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    Perhaps the USB plug isn't sitting properly within the USB socket.

    Does System Profiler 'see' the iPod within the USB section?

    BTW: This is from Apple's website.
    "Note: Some computers require either the optional iPod shuffle Dock or a USB cable extender (sold separately)."
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    I think that only applies to computers where the socket is a bit too far back like with the emacs I think.
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    Thanks Blue Velvet, a USB extension cable did the trick. It seemed like the iPod fit right into the socket of the iMac, but apparently it did not connect properly. The USB plug of the iPod is indeed about a millimeter shorter than others. Thanks again for the idea!
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    No worries... only too glad to help. :)
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    My Shuffle works fine with my iMac, and looks really nifty in my keyboard USB port! :)

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