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iPod shuffle dead

Discussion in 'iPod' started by DZL, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. DZL
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    hey all -

    last nite, i tried to turn on my ipod shuffle 2nd generation and nothing happened - no light. i put it in the dock, and attached it to my mac pro - still no lite, and the mac pro wasn't recognizing it.

    i just used it the previous day; and everything was fine --

    i tried resetting...etc.

    this was bought as a gift for me on last december.

    any suggestions? should I bring it into an apple retail store?


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  3. DZL
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    apple store

    ...and what would be the outcome of that? would they try repairing it, or simply replace it?

    Thanks again,

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    when similar thing happened to my refurb iPod nano, they just replaced it upon comfirmation.
  5. DZL
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    Great - thanks --

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    They will either zap the firmware inside of it to do a reformat that you can't do at home or replace it outright...or screw you over like everyone is seeming to say Apple is now doing...:p

    Seriously, just take it in. Worst case scenario it is busted beyond repair.

    Good luck.
  7. DZL
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    yeah, i don't know what they could do with it - it's not showing any signs of life - it's not like the light is on and it's not playing; it's simply dead - no power, and the mac pro isn't recognizing it -- so i'm unable to do a firmware update, or reformat it or anything.

    it's only been 7 months since i've had it; and i've treated it well -

    i'd probably insist on a replacement.

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    Similar to a common problem with early 1st generation shuffles (flashing green/orange light) They shouldn't have a problem zapping the firmware or replacing it. (Might even do it free of charge if you're lucky.)
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    if apple dont have a fix for you - KEEP YOUR SHUFFLE SOMEWHERE SAFE. I learnt the hard way - had the green and orange flashing light problem with my 1st gen shuffle, apple couldnt fix it - so I pulled it apart for the hell of it to see what was inside - 1 week later they release the firmware fix:eek::(
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    I had the same thing happen about two months ago, bought it last Christmas. They replaced it with a new one...
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    My first gen shuffle broke and I got a replacement straight away from the Apple Store as it was within its 1 year warranty.
  12. DZL
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    just got back from the store --

    genius replaced the shuffle... no problem.

    Thanks everyone,


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