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iPod Shuffle rip-off appears to be hitting stores

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 13, 2005.

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    Hell, maybe I'll make one.

    Only, mine will just be for holding chewing gum
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    Hello, Apple Legal?
  4. hob
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    Yeah I'm still surprised they haven't lept allllll over this. How can they not? Maybe someone at the patent office screwed up with the Shuffle?
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    it's so HUGE, though!

    Look at it next to her hand! If, to use Apple's comparison point, Dentyne made gum that big, it would fill your entire mouth!
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    They are currently busy with the internal leaks, the external copyright deals will come as soon as the other thing is resolved.
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    I believe it's just the persons hand. Hard to say, tho. I guess we'll se when someone actually buys one.. :eek:
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    According to the specs, it's about 4 mm longer and 2 mm thicker than the Shuffle, so they're more or less the same size.
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    Maybe Apple legal has trouble getting through to the taiwanese court? China and Taiwan has the most products that are ripped off from somewhere. They are notorious for copying, even in their entertainment industry
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