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iPod shuffle strong enough to power larger headphones?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by iDM, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. iDM
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    Hello everyone I was wondering what if any peoples experiences were using larger headphones with the iPod shuffle, such as these

    And also I know if anyone knew the answer then they'd have to be god, but what do people honestly think s going to happen with the shuffle. I'm not talking screen or no screen, i just mean do people think in the near future say before First Quarter 2006 that we'll see larger capacity/price drop in the shuffles?

    I got my 3rd gen iPod 20gig stolen and I was thinking about getting a shuffle to hold me off until i get a real job and can buy a larger iPod(100 gig haha). Thanks in advance guys!
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    Why shouldn't it...?

    I'm using Koss PortaPros with my mini, (they have roughly the same sensitivity 101dB/mW, Sony has 100dB/mW), and even if the Sony should draw a bit more power, thus limiting the battery life somewhat, there's no reason why they shouldnt work....
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    yes... they'll work...

    but why? the sound quality of the shuffle is pretty weak... good for exercising, walking around, etc... not something you'd want to use decent headphones for... as in, i wouldn't use any headphones that cose more than $25 with my shuffle...
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    the sound that comes out of my shuffle sounds better than my 4g ipod
  5. iDM
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    I thought the consensus among iPod users was that the Shuffle sounds better then all generations of the iPod, something about how the Shuffle reproduces music better!?!? Thanks for the responses!
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    I totally disagree. I think the sound from the shuffle is actually the best quality of any iPod. If you dig around on some Hi-Fi boards, I think that you will find alot of people agree with me.

    If you are worried about it having enough power you could always invest in a cheap headphone amp.

    I can't say for sure, but I think that you will be fine driving these headphones.
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    maybe it's just that i've only ever used it for running with cheap headphones...

    hehe :D
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    You beat me to it!

    Also I gotta say, I love the idea of headphones being 10x the size of the source. That is a funny image!

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