iPod Socks Shipping in December

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 10, 2004.

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    Hmm, Apple should make some for golf clubs too:) They would make nice hats for small children if you cut and sewed them a bit.
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    Wonder Boy

    another missed ship date? didn't steve say they'd be out in mid november?

    good ol' apple. can't even ship fabric on time.
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    Dont you think its taking us all for a bunch of mugs? Remember in the latest mac expo when he talked about them, he basically said apple are sick of people making huge amounts of profit on the covers for them so they want lots of margin in their covers.....they make them for 5 cents prolly.....
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    how sad it is, but you are indeed right. it's probably blame-able on something with overheating, or white spots :p
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    I'm usually an anti-corparte, anti-stupid vain thing kind of guy. But I do think these socks are cute. And when I first heard they were 29 I thought it ment for one sock, you get all 6. And they are just so cute.
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    So they were serious, I first thought steve was just joking. I think I know a few people that would love that as a stocking stuffer for x-mas.
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    Great. Apple takes developers off of Mac projects for yet ANOTHER silly music project, wasting time and money in development that they'll never get back because nobody will buy one. THIS is why Apple can't make enough G5 chips. :mad:

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    I think Steve´s wife and the other members of the Cupertino Knitting Club are to blame for this unfortunate delay :)
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    Exactly my thoughts on seeing the title of this thread. It's pathetic :mad: They can't even ship something as simple as a sock on time, what hope is there of them ever shipping anything major on time.

    Apple needs to get their act together.
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    Seems to be no word on when/if these socks will ship internationally :(
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    Perhaps Steve figures that only we silly Americans would ever consider buying a $29 pack of Apple iSocks? :)
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    Rest assured, it's probably the iPod team (or even the iPod marketing team) who came up with this idea.

    And lastly, Apple doesn't make the G5, IBM does. And last time I checked, IBM wasn't designing nor making socks.

    Yeah, I just noticed your "/parody". Could've helped if you didn't use the mad-face. ;-)
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    At the rate it's going, soon it's the silly americans who won't be able to afford C$29 packs of Apple iSocks. ;-)

    And talking about rates... why won't Apple lower their Canadian prices? (and surely, most international prices too)

    Apple Stores:
    - eMac Combo Drive = US$799
    - eMac Combo Drive = CAN$1049

    But at the current exchange rates:
    - eMac Combo Drive = US$799
    - eMac Combo Drive = CAN$955

    A difference of CAN$95. Now, you may say it's not much, but on a CAN$1049 computer, it's nearly 10%. Add sales taxes on that (up to more than 15%) and it really doesn't help Apple sell computers. And that's on the low-end model.

    Another example:

    Apple Stores:
    - PowerMac dual G5/2.5GHz = US$2999
    - PowerMac dual G5/2.5GHz = CAN$4199

    But at the current exchange rates:
    - PowerMac dual G5/2.5GHz = US$2999
    - PowerMac dual G5/2.5GHz = CAN$3595

    A difference of ~CAN$600. If people think Apple computers are already over-priced, Apple should at least check the exchange rates on their international stores to reflect real market prices, because this artificial inflation just makes a bad impression worst.

    Oh, and where's my headless, LOW-COST switcher's Mac? I'll take that 1.5GHz Freescale G4 any day, as long as the computer is CAN$699. :D
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    I think missed shipping dates are becoming Apple's policy. :rolleyes:
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    ipod socks... hmm... looks interesting... maybe i'll split one of those with a few friends...
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