ipod songs erased?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by seans9, Oct 29, 2005.

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    My ipod songs just randomly disapeared. There is no damage or anything to the ipod. Do you think that they will replace it (i got it less than a year ago)? and if yes, will it be replaced by a video one? (haha gotta hope)
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    Try booting into diagnostic mode and running the scandisk utility. Google "ipod diagnostic mode" for instructions.
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    They may replace it but by a refurb, sorry man
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    well. id rather them replace it with a refurb and then i could sell it on ebay.then buy a new one. my current one has engraving on the back so i cant really sell it for much...unless i find someone with the same name and phone number haha
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    If they send you a refurb it will still have the engraving. Sorry
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    my friend took his to the apple store, had the same problem, and they just gave him a new one. It was the same model, but brand new

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