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Ipod Stolen and recovered.... Sort of

Discussion in 'iPod' started by kanch80, Oct 27, 2010.

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    Long story short.... I am a teacher and had my ipod stolen by a student. He renamed my ipod and deleted ALL of my music with 72 horrible songs. My computer where I backed up all of my files crashed last week due to flooding and is irreparable, meaning my ipod was the only place where my music was temporarily stored. Is there any way to recover files deleted directly from my Ipod? I am a Mac user and have only found PC formatted software. I am willing to pay for software. Please give me hope!
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    Maybe look into those data recovery companies? Dunno if they can recover from an iPod.
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    I'm sorry to say, but if all he did was wipe your songs off and replace them with his own from another Mac, you may have had a chance.

    However, if yours was synced to a Mac, and he reformatted it to his PC, an entirely new Windows file structure was placed on it, entirely wiping off the Mac format, and everything with it.

    If this iPod was stolen, and recovered, with a lot of purchased content missing, you may have a Small Claims case on your hands. I don't know, though, if they handle the loss of purchased digital media. I'd ask, at any rate. Especially if it was a good amount of stuff...

    :( Sorry to break the bad news. Hopefully someone can prove me wrong..?
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    Reformatting the iPod as FAT doesn't necessarily mean all hope is lost - it just makes the job a little harder.

    You'll need to connect the iPod to your computer in Disk Mode, so it shows up as a removable drive, then you'll need to use a product like DataRescue to scan the entire disk and see what it can find. Chances are good you'll get at least some of your songs back.
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    I was thinking just after writing my above post that I've heard of some people recovering music off of a reformatted iPod, but I've never known how.

    Best of luck to the OP if this is the route taken, and I'm sure going to note this one down.
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    There's a program called "foremost" that can scan a drive for byte patterns matching common file types and store the resulting files to another disk.

    Doesn't matter if the drive was reformatted. I just ran it on a drive I accidentally erased a huge folder on and it was recovering stuff from an OSX install I had on the drive ages ago. The drive had been reformatted ext4 in linux and used for over a year.

    I once recovered a grad student's thesis with foremost back when I used to work helpdesk. He was so happy he bought me lunch.
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    Have you looked at Prosoft's Data Rescue?
    My wife's Macbook HDD died once and I was able to recover most of the file. Her Macbook wasn't able to start up and the HDD had clicking sound. I use another mac and hooked up her Macbook via target disk mode. The process took a long time, a think it took 2-3 days or so. But the main thing was, I was able to get about 70-80% of the stuff back, which I think is pretty good for a clicking HDD.

    You can give Prosoft a call first to describe your situation and see if the software will fit for your need.

    Prosoft Website: http://www.prosofteng.com/products/data_rescue.php
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    Have you contacted iTunes Support. My nephew was able to redownload his entire purchased library after an external hard drive was damaged
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    I agree, contact Apple by phone. They can recover your content (depends if it still available on iTunes). Apple usually does this as a last resort and will tell you that this is a ONE Time Courtesy (and they emphasize One Time Courtesy).

    Good luck
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    Apple will definitely allow you to re-download all your purchased media.

    They do stress that it's a One Time Courtesy, but between you and me, they've reset my download queue a few times now. :)
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    If all else fails, give the student a few beatings.

    It will at least feel good.
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    lol, I second that method :D

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