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ipod Student Discount UK????????

Discussion in 'iPod' started by JW8725, Feb 18, 2006.

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    Anyone know if there is a student discount on the ipod in the UK? If so how much is it? Thanks
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    There is, but it aint great. I'm not sure if we're at liberty to say as we (students) agree to terms when we open the Higer Edu site. It's less than 10% tho.
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    I wasn't aware that it was a problem to disclose the discount offered - I had a (quick) flick through the terms and conditions of the standard educational store & couldn't find anything. If I'm wrong, let me know & I'll correct the post.

    The college I'm with has negotiated special rates on everything except iPods - to get a discount on these, you have to go through the normal educational store. When I bought my new 5G before Christmas, I got a 10% discount.
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    There is no bigger discount on the Higher Education store for iPods AFAIK than the standard Education store, but the accessories are cheaper... Basically a new 30GB iPod video is £200 (same as amazon), and a 1GB nano is £100... which is about a 9% discount


    Amazon only charges £195 for black video iPods
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    Geez just click the link and look. If you use the third option after clicking education you can just put in an institute and look. Granted not buy, but look sure.
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    How comes Amazon is cheaper than Apple? Whats going on there then?
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    they charge £199 for white, its probably a mistake...

    but it could be just that amazon don't do "free" engraving...

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