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iPod survey - please help! Thanks!

Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by talsnes, Mar 5, 2002.

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    Here’s your chance to help make the iPod better!

    We are a group of graduate students at the School of Information, the University of Michigan. We are studying the Apple's new mp3 player - iPod for our group project this semester.

    We would like to ask for your help. We have created an on-line survey to collect feedback from the users of portable mp3 players (iPod or otherwise), and other users who regularly listen to mp3s.

    We are grateful if you could take a little bit of you time and answer an on-line questionnaire. They are at the following location.

    For mp3 player owners,

    For people that do not own a mp3 player,

    The surveys should be open to anyone and a participant ID is automatically generated.

    Please feel free to contact eimo kaku at si622group4@umich.edu, if you have questions.

    Thank you,

    - Erik Dahl, Eimo Kaku, Katy Kramp, and Erica Schattle
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    Welp, I've participated! How 'bout you guys? :)
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    yep... i did the same.
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    I guess since I don't accept cookies from every Tom, ****, and Harry site, I cannot take the survey... that bites, the cookie.

    I have been burned too many times to just globally accept cookies, unless I trust the site. Such as the one where I work, Apple, and very few others.
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    Evil Cookies...

    Yeah, watch out for those evil cookies, Alphatech.

    I hear that they're made by the same company who puts those little money tracking strips in $20 bills. You know, the ones that let the NSA track you via satellite.

    'cause hey... you never know what kind of crazy tracking conspiracy the University of Michigan may be involved in.

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    thanks to those of you who have taken the survey and those of you who have taken the time to post messages.

    i promise this is a legitimate project/evaluation of the usability and functionality of the iPod. we are not tracking your cookies or collecting personal information about you in any way other than what information you willingly provide in the survey.(although i do understand the apprehension).

    thanks again, feel free to email me with any questions.
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    Re: iPod survey - please help! Thanks!

    You should signup and post this in the iPodHacks forum, as well.

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    thanks for the tip about iPodHacks.

    i have been looking at it for a while and registered the other day, but was unable to post for some reason.

    i'll take your advice and try again.

    erik (talsnes)
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    The survey was painless.

    And though I thought long and hard, I decided to risk the cookie.


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    too bad there's no prize or free gift waiting at the end of the survey :(
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    well, it was interesting.. made me think more about my iPod.. and my daily life...


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    doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

    old mac... *lol*.. ! :)

    I'm putting on the tin foil hat right now so those monitor rays and street light beams don't cook my brain too!
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    Re: doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

    I'd get those fillings out, too. ;)

    You can never be too careful.

    Honestly, has anyone had *serious* security problems resulting from cookies? I've worked in some pretty paranoid places and they have never restricted cookies.


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