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ipod totally crashed

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by mattycurtis, Mar 23, 2005.

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    accidently formatted my ipod on a pc and now my mac will not regonise it to for mat it back, silly me!
    restarted it lots.
    all I get is a symbol of a file and an exclaimaton mark in a triangle.
    ipod won't even mount on the desktop, totaly unreadable! :mad: :eek:
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    You need to reinstall the iPod's firmware. Plug in the iPod and run the iPod Installer from the Apple site or the CD you got with it.

    It will probably ask you to plug it into a wall socket at some point to restart so have one handy!
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    tried that

    thanks, but i have already tried to restore, but the computer still says that there is nothing plugged in????
    that is me problem see.
    any ideas?


    i fixed it now thanks anyway.

    [plugged in and held down many combinations of ipod buttons]
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    mad jew

    When you format it for a PC you need to plug it into the wall, not the Mac, to give it some charge to reset itself. Once you've done this, it should be fine for reformatting in a Mac. :)
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    ... and what was the combination of buttons? In case it happens to somebody else...

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