iPod Touch 16 GB brand new

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by charlestrippy, Jan 3, 2008.

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    Apple 16GB iPod touch
    Retails for over $400 (http://www.apple.com/ipodtouch/)
    But i'm selling it cheaper because i got it as a gift and I already own one..

    For sale for only $350 (still has the lovely "don't steal" plastic wrapping)

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    Multi-touch interface: The revolutionary technology that made iPhone a hit is now on one amazing iPod. This 16GB iPod touch lets you control everything using only your fingerssimply by using the flick, tap, and pinch gestures on the multi-touch display.

    Advanced display: The 3.5-inch widescreen is perfect for watching movies and TV shows as well as viewing photos and album art. The display automatically adjusts the view when its rotated from portrait to landscape. The ambient light sensor automatically adjusts brightness to match the current lighting conditions.

    Built-in WiFi: The iPod touch features built-in Wi-Fi networking and three amazing applications that let you access the Internet, view YouTube videos, and purchase music wirelessly from the new iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store.

    Internet access: Safari lets you view web pages just like you do on your computer.

    Music: The new iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store allows customers find, buy, and download musicall from your iPod touch, over a Wi-Fi connection. This 16GB iPod touch holds up to 3,500 songs.

    YouTube: Apples YouTube player launches right from the home screen and lets you view YouTube videos wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection.

    Cover Flow: Just like iTunes, Cover Flow displays all the album art from your music collection an easy-to-navigate interface that mimics a CD collection. With the swipe of a finger, you can move between album covers. Simply tap the artwork to start playing the album.

    Movies: This 16GB iPod touch holds up to 20 hours of video.

    Photos: Use the multi-touch display to easily navigate through your collection, zoom in or out, or rotate photos into portrait or landscape mode.

    Sleek design: iPod touch packs all of these features into a design thats just 8mm thin, easily fitting into your pocket, and ready to go anywhere.

    Long-lasting battery: Although thin and compact, the battery can power up to 22 hours of music playback or up to 5 hours of video playback.

    Requirements: For the Mac: USB 2.0 port, Mac OS X (v10.4.8 or later) and iTunes 7.4 or later. For the PC: USB 2.0 port, Windows Vista or XP Home/Professional with Service Pack 2 or later and iTunes 7.4 or later. iTunes can be downloaded free from www.apple.com.
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    why are you selling this for 325! should be able to get at least 375. does it have the box and all accessories?
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    Why dont you simply try returning it to an Apple store and get store credit for it? They usually take anything back as long as its still in the shrinkwrap...
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    yeah i have everything except the ipod earbuds, see my roommate gave it to me - lol, i think he just gave me it and took out the buds for his iphone. i think he got it over the "return" policy (i think its 14 days, right?) so i can't return it...

    really $375, **** - maybe i should jack the price up lol - i just wanted to get it off my hands so i can bite the bullet with the iphone lol
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    Photos? Interested in a combo of Apple gift cards, cash, and a 30gb iPod video? :)
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    yah i can get some pictures - actually have a new camera coming soon. lol - how many apple gift cards (total) - since im going to use the cash to get an iphone that may be a possible deal. you can email me at ctrippy@gmail.com if you want too.
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    ya...i was selling a used one. had offers of $325
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    yeah, you're right - ive been getting emails with $360/$350/$370 - i guess whoever wants to do the most and ill toss in shipping?
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    i dont know about this....

    no offense, but i have seen him list other BrandNew Ipods before... And they are all "got it as a gift, dont need it" ones. How many ipods are you getting???

    a little sketchy

    i could be wrong
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    he has only listed one other ipod here before and both of these have been posted after christmas, fyi.
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    Eric Lewis

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    i understand your cautiousness - however, the reason i get a lot of ipod as gifts is because i'm involved with a lot of contests (you know those click here for a free ipod thing) - i have over 90,000 "friends" on myspace so when i refer them, it usually ends up in a free ipod (lol, surprisingly those site do work if you have the people to show it to) - i mean, i'm not going to throw this down people's throats - it didn't coast me anything so i sell cheaper just to get it off my hands - if you want it - PM me, if not - no worries
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    hey, sorry i didnt upload the photos yesterday - i was at work without the touch.

    anyway, i uploaded a few photos for those who were asking. let me know if you're interested! thanks!

    you can PM me or email me at ctrippy@gmail.com

    take care
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    I'll buy it for $350 shipped!

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