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iPod Touch - 16Gb or 32Gb?!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Steve(NotJobs), Mar 18, 2008.

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    I need to decide.32 or 16 Gb.

    I don't really put movies on my iPod, but when I do they're usually converted to a small size, specifically for iPod and when I've watched them they're deleted.

    Is it just a question of price? At the minute I can afford both, but do I really
    need 32Gb?
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    My music collection is about 16gb, so I had to pare it down to 12, and with just a few other things on it (video podcasts, etC) I only have a few hundred megs free.

    If the 32 had been available, I would have gotten it. If you can afford both, go for the 32. When the new apps become available, I'll bet you'll need the space.
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    32GB without question if you can afford. That much more room for future apps and videos.

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