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iPod touch 1st Gen wont restore

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by lucasfer899, Dec 30, 2012.

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    In short, iPod touch worked when I last used it, then it went flat the day I got my iPhone, I put it away, I've taken it out a year later, and it wont turn on, I leave it charging for a day, try and turn it on and it wont work.

    So I try and restore and I get ******** errors, I think it's a logic board thing, I am very good with taking things apart and fixing them (just swapped front glass on two iPhone 4's). What do you guys think I need to do to it?
    I really wanna get this baby back in action. Got it on release day back in '07.

    Thanks a lot all,
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    Bump, almost 900 views and nothing?
    Logic board?!
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    Since the iOS is no longer updated by Apple and the forth generation can be had for $130 it's probably not economical to repair. You could try Apple and see if they'll OoW exchange it for $$
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    I just wanted the legacy of it back, with something like this the money doesnt bother me.

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