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iPod Touch 3G? Hopefully?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by ManUtd4Life, Jun 9, 2008.

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    does anyone suppose that since and iphone 3g is out or coming out, anytime soon, a ipod touch 3G would come out? or is the ipod touch just gonna stay and just new firmware (2.0) with the app store and all.
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    Um, there will NEVER be a 3G iPod touch, unless the "3G" stands for "3rd generation".

    The iPod touch will, however, be getting the 2.0 firmware, along with a possible hardware revision in September. But the touch probably won't be getting the curved, plastic back. The curve was to help accomodate the internal changes, which the iPod touch won't be getting. The plastic back will probably remain exclusive to iPhone like the aluminum back, only because iPods traditionally have reflective metal backsides.
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    uhh, me thinks you don't understand what the 3G is in reference to. Since the ipod touch doesn't work on a cell phone network and doesn't have a cell phone transceiver, it won't have 2G or 3G (the faster, next gen version of the highspeed data network).
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    The Touch does do internet, and one aspect of 3G is wireless networking beyond the range of wifi. They could in theory produce a new Touch with a 3G radio, enable the radio for only data, and sign you up with a 3G data plan for a monthly fee. I might pay for it, assuming it was considerably less than a phone plan, and would allow me to find the internet everywhere.
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    Not gonna happen. That's stealing too much from the iPhone.
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    then people would ask why when its on a 3g network it didnt have a phone....oh wait i think there may be a product like that......

    3G is a PHONE network
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    I have a deaf brother. He and every other deaf adult out there has some form of a RIM or other smartphone device with them that there is only a data plan being charged for. They have no use for the phone, and by law the carriers have to sell them just the data plan since that's all they'll use.

    The Kindle is not a phone, but has a radio in it that uses a phone network to connect to the amazon book store no matter where you are.

    Some company, Verizon perhaps, is selling a USB dongle (for your laptop) right now that uses the data part of their phone network, for a monthly fee, to give you internet access wherever you go.

    The Touch is not much different than that laptop or Kindle. It has software on it that benefits from being on the internet. It is not a phone. It could be improved and add profit to the carrier if it had a radio in it to connect to some carrier's data plan.

    Will it happen? Perhaps not with the next Touch. I'll bet SOMEONE makes a media player (not a phone) that can use a phone's data service.
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    Cause I SO want to surf the web EVERYWHERE on an MP3 PLAYER!

    w00t! GO APPLE!
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    If that's sarcasm, it is misplaced. If you bought the Touch to just play media on it then you aren't getting your money's worth out of it. In fact, you seem to be missing the whole point of it. It's not about everywhere. It is about anywhere. The moments when you want to download a new song or album. It's about finding the net for whatever reason, any moment. Not just when you're within free wifi range.
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    If they were to release 3G for the touch, then some hacker would come along and make it so that you could talk on it, too.

    If the touch had 3G, it would be a MOBILE PHONE and not an IPOD!
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    And how is that different than the hackers that make mics for it and enable VOIP for it using the wifi it already has? So what? Been there. Done that. Just proves there's a market for it. That is surely why there is no on board mic and as such no voice recording or voice command.
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    It will be good to have GPS with iPod touch. You can have location based apps which will be useful on an iPod touch.
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    how kind of you to write out the ipods mission statement. Surely a business didnt make a product for the money, no, its the anywhere part of it:rolleyes:

    the ipod touch is that, an ipod. It is expanded and now serves as the new standard in PMP's, not a web checkpoint anywhere u go
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    It's had a web browser from day one. It had a direct connection to the iTunes store since day one. It had access to YouTube videos since day one. Yes, they call it an iPod. If you're convinced that's all it was meant to be then you are also missing the point. I've got other pocket devices that play music and sound better than the Touch. I've got other touchscreen devices. The only reason I have a Touch is because of it's obvious potential to be far more than an iPod. That potential is wholly in it's ability to connect to the internet. Every hacker and owner that jailbroke theirs understands this. Steve Jobs understands this. The iPod Touch is NOT your father's iPod. Not even close.
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    That's good, because my father owns a Shuffle.
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    I don't see them ever bringing cellular functionality to the iPod. That's what the iPhone's for, and the price difference between the two is pretty spot on. Hell, right now, the iPhone is less than the iPod! Lol
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    3G is for phones, it never coming to the ipod touch.
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    Shoot me down if I'm wrong, but just the iPhone has 3G and GPS...not the iPod touch...the touch gets the iPhone 2.0 update w/o the two new features of the iPhone.
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    You are totally correct in the fact that you can do data plans w/o the cell phone voice plans and you are correct about your other comments as well. Thanks for posting in a non-angry way as well (seriously...).

    However, I do tend to agree with the other posters in saying that it would, indeed, steal to much from the iphone. My thought are that we if we have a network (3G) which is close to 81% as fast as normal wifi, and we have 14 year olds in San Bernardino writing programs that utilize skype/VOIP options, this would lead into a third-party market that Apple doesn't want the iPod to have. Honestly, with 3G on the iphone, so what if someone is using VOIP, they are still in a contract w/ AT&T, thus there is still being money exchanged.

    While we all obviously can't rule out that thought that there conceivably could be a 3G ipod touch(hey, we never thought it would get wifi right?), I seriously doubt the future plans for one based on product differentiation, marketability, and Apple's desire to curb the third-party market.

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    cassette player?
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    Aw c'mon folks! He's a Man United supporter... gotta give him a little slack! LOL iPod Touch 3G
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    There's only so many times someone needs to be told why not 3G on the Touch, and I think we've reached that limit.
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