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iPod touch 4 - 64 GB.

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by taptic, Jan 5, 2013.

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    A guy on craigslist is offering an iPod touch 4th gen 64 gb for $115. The screen is completely ruined (cracked all over) and would need to be replaced. Moneywise, how low do you think I should try to get him to? I have never replaced any screen before of an iDevice. Would it be worth it to try? Is it very hard?
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    There should be people on craigslist in your area that do repairs.

    Contact one of them and find out what they charge to replace the screen.

    Personally, I wouldn't pay anywhere NEAR that for a damaged 4th gen ipod touch. You have no idea what else is wrong with it.
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    I'd only pay $85 for it because it is broken. Then you'd have to repair the screen.
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    You need to be careful. I once bought a broken powerbook off ebay because I'd fully disassembled and reassembled that model dozens of times and figured there was nothing that could go wrong with it that I couldn't fix.

    When I got it, half internal screws were missing and there wasn't a single part that wasn't broken, literally everything, the sound board, even the modem. Somebody had been doing repairs and put together a machine with all the dead parts he'd pulled. Even the housing was in worse shape than any I'd worked on.
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    No, it's on craigslist. I would try to repair it myself. Is that very hard? (I am assuming the screen is working and the iPod is responsive.)
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    Sounds like an awfully large assumption on your part.

    But hey -- it's your $$$.

    Let us know how it goes.
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    No, no. I'm going to make sure of my assumptions by looking at it and using it some before I purchase it. Assuming until then that it is fully functional and the only problem is that it's screen is badly shattered, how low do you think I should try to get him to go. Again, is it very hard to replace a screen yourself?
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    A friend of mine successfully replaced one. However, he almost ruined the iPod entirely by coming within a hair of severing some of the important wires, so it's definitely risky. I'd say below $100. Look up the cost of repair before you decide.
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    Honestly you can probably get a refurbished one from apple for the cost of getting the iPod, shipping and the cost of repair.
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    shipping? have none of you ever heard of craigslist? you go look at it and then buy it from the guy if it's good.
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    Oh, also, when I buy the replacement screen I need to know what to buy.

    The screen is cracked, but the iPod is still responsive and functional. I don't know if that means I do not need a digitizer replacement. What is a digitizer replacement?

    Could someone please give me an amazon link to something that would work for this?
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    The digitizer and LCD are fused together for the 4th gen iPod touch. You will need a heat gun to get the old screen off and a small screwdriver. The new screen should come with adhesive strips to stick the new one on.

    It's not really hard. I've replaced a couple dozen at my shop. You do have to be careful of a couple very thin connectors, but it's very do-able. iFixit has a prett good guide. Feel free to PM if you need a hand.
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    I actually just watched a video by iFixit. They said a hair dryer could work instead of a heat gun. Is this true? Is it very hard to do it that way?
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    A hair dryer will work. It may just take a little longer to heat up. Keep an eye on the home button. The plastic will deform & get crinkly looking if it gets too hot.
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    Are the screens that are not made by Apple generally okay to buy? Who is a trusted seller?
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    Why not just get a working one. I paid $160 for a 64gb iPod touch 4 like new with 11 months of apple care left.

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