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Ipod touch 4G - battery question!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by xxsummerxx, Nov 24, 2010.

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    Hi, I just got my ipod a few days ago. well when i charged it, the battery seems to go from being dead to 50% in a matter of seconds..

    I was just wondering.. is this bad? does this mean the battery isn't capable of holding as much power..? should I go and exchange it?

    thanks :)
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    Mr Slippy IV

    What do you define 'dead' as? And how many seconds?
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    by dead I mean the battery was fully drained and it automatically shut off. when i tried to turn it on again, it showed the itunes logo saying to plug in and charge.

    and it went to 50% automatically, like 5 seconds after i connected it to my computer..
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    Mr Slippy IV

    It's certainly unusual. Have you allowed the iPod one full battery cycle (dead, all the way to one hundred percent, and low or dead again) to see if the error still occurs?
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    Nope, this is my first time charging since I got it.. do you think this may just be a 'fluke'..?
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    Mr Slippy IV

    Probably. What did the battery screen look like? If it just had the USB cable and an iTunes logo, then it had nothing to do with the battery.

    Was it A:


    Or B?

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    It was the first image.
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    Mr Slippy IV

    Charge it completely. Once it finishes charging, use it as normal until you're down to 20% or less (red battery). See if that doesn't fix the problem.
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    Alright, I'll see. thanks for all your help! :)
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    Mr Slippy IV

    Sure, but keep in mind that this could still be a problem. Luckily, if you just got your iPod, returns at most places are generally fairly hassle-free.
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    I think you need full charge, as I known, iPod Touch 4G is still have a good battery only if you play 3D games
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    Certainly unusual, but might have just been a one off weird problem. Tell us what happens after you try recharging and draining again :)
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    How long is considered a normal charge for the 4G ipod Touch? It seems that my Touch only lasts 2 or 3 hours of internet connection before it gets close to the 20% level. Is this normal, or do I have an iPod Touch with a bad battery?
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    Mine does that every time I plug it in after it dying. I thought 4.2 would fix it, but it didn't.

    It also sometimes shows it fully charged in the corner, even though the big display shows it not fully charged.
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    I drained my ipod today and tried recharging it.. This time the battery went straight to 30% instead of 50%.

    I'm afraid the battery is weak though because all I did was play music for about 2 hours, and games for about an hour and a half and the battery was totally drained..?
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    Background wifi use can be an issue ... if you have Mail or other apps accepting push notifications and 'multitasking' in the background, the constant connect/check cycling can drain it down. You might check those Settings.

    I've set my Mail to check manually, and usually turn off Location Services and Notifications.

    I know for some people that would defeat a lot of the functionality of the "always in touch" crowd, but I'm not one of those :)

    Of course you can just turn wifi off if not using it, listening to music or whatever ~ that'll help. Also in Settings.

    I seem to get eight or so hours heavy use per charge.

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