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iPod Touch 4th Generation with Purchased Apps Issue in App Store

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by sodastands, Jan 2, 2013.

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    When loading purchased apps in the App Store the loading circle appears and then a black screen, at this point it kicks me out of the App Store.

    I have reset network settings, reset all settings, re entered Apple ID, and I am running iOS 6.0.1, lots of people on other forums are having the same problem and list some of the above mention fixes of which none have worked for me!

    Any help would be greatly received!
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    I'm having a similar issue in the itunes portion on my 5th gen
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    Did you try force-closing the App Store app then full power down and reboot of the IPT?
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    Same here :(
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    Thanks for the help Pharmscott but it did not work!
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    It's an issue with the iOS 6 AppStore on the iPod touch 4. Due to the processor speed and amount of ram, it crashes a lot.
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    How about loading the apps on your computer and syncing them over instead of trying to download via the IPT?
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    That works but some people like me like to be pc free.
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    It is my Sons iPod and he is only 6 and he like to search the purchased apps on his iPod, thanks for the advice though!
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    Yes I do to. It even crashes on my ipad mini.

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