Ipod Touch 5 VS Iphone 4S (as an Ipod)

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by cooa99, Dec 5, 2012.

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    Hi Guys,

    I am considering moving away from the use of an iphone as a communication device, hence looking at the Galaxy S3 as a likely contender. However I am still tied to apple ecosystem due to other apple products I have e.g. Ipad2, ATV2,ATV3,MBPrand daughter's ipod Touch 4 .....

    So I was thinking of buying a new Galaxy S3 and a New Ipod Touch 5.

    Then it occurred to me that rather than buying a new Touch 5, I could simply use my Iphone 4s sim free as an ipod....!

    So if we completely ignore the obvious such as purchase costs, Weights and presence/absence of sim slot, does the new Ipod Touch 5 have any advantage/disadvantage over the Iphone 4S ?


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    I'm not sure that you can ignore the idea of having to buy something vs. using something that you already own.

    That aside, the primary advantages that the touch would hold over the 4S are the larger screen and less breakable body.

    Disadvantages include a slightly less wonderful camera and no GPS.
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    Don't bother spending money to get yourself a new iPod Touch when your 4S can already carry out all of it's functions. If you're just listening to music, the 4S is more than capable of doing that. Just take out your SIM card, turn on airplane mode and you're all set.
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    Eddy Munn

    If you can sell your iPhone 4S for more than a new iPod Touch, that may be a viable solution.
    You will have some money to put towards your new Galaxy S3 too.
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    The screen alone is worth it in my opinion. I still think its a bit small but it's a HUGE improvement over the 3.5inch size. Going back to the 4s and other devices is painful. Everything feels squashed and cramped.
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    But if he only wants to listen to music on it, I don't think there's a need for a bigger screen.
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    I received a Touch 5 64B from apple yesterday so looks like I am going to return it back again.
    I am not going to be watching video on it's bigger screen size is lost on me.

    The only advantage of the Touch 5 over Iphone4s is its better front facing camera, so looks like I will stick with the Iphone 4s and possibly buy the Galaxy S3 as well

    cheers guys
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    for the majority of differences, the iPhone is the better way to go. Yes, you may have a bigger screen to work with on the touch, but you get more functionality out of the 4S.
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    How does a deactivated iPhone 4s do any more than the touch?

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