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iPod Touch, could it transmit music over AirTunes?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by braddersosx, Sep 6, 2007.

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    I've done a search and I don't think anyone has brought this up but...

    With the iPod Touch having WiFi and what seems like OSX under the hood do you think it's possible for the iPod Touch to transmit music over AirTunes to an Airport Express like iTunes does in OSX?

    p.s. please go easy, first post.
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    Possible: Yes.

    Likely: Yes.

    Likely from Apple: Well, not at first... Maybe later to refresh interest in aging products.

    Likely from 3rd Parties: ABSOLUTELY! Give it a few weeks. There are already command line utilities that can do this.
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    Can you point us to the few command line utilities, A web site, or command string?

    Thanks, I realy would like to see this funtion for the iPod. And the Apple TV for sure.
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    I would totally love this. I wish it would. It seems like it wouldn't be a terrible drain on the battery... no more than web browsing. Maybe.

    But yes, I would love this too. (And library sharing as well. Wink.)
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    Airtunes. would make the touch the uber gadget!!!!
    please! i want it!

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