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iPod Touch Firmware 1.1.2 Released: Add Calendar Events

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 8, 2007.

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    Alongside the iPhone 1.1.2 update, Apple has also released an iPod Touch 1.1.2 firmware update which is available for some through iTunes. For those who are impatient, a direct download is also available:


    Early reports indicate that the new iPod Touch update provides "Add Event" functionality to the iPod Touch, confirming an email exchange from Steve Jobs who promised that edit and add calendar events would be coming in a future software update. The lack of calendar editing had been described as a "bug" by Jobs.

    While the iPod Touch 1.1.2 and iPhone 1.1.2 updates are likely very similar, there may be device specific issues. Please keep comments on topic in their respective threads.

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    Yay, sounds like a great addition for those with the iPod Touch. I'm not sure why it wasn't included in the first place, but oh well, all's well that ends well.
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    Now how about a To Do application for the iPhone, Apple! It's been more than 4 months since launch, and I still can't sync my To Dos.

    My crap, $50 Sony Ericsson phone can do it, why not the iPhone?
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    Awesome. Very happy now!

    Now where is my email and googlemaps ;)
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    hmmm...there is no reason for me to update my jailbroken touch bc I have the add/edit feature already and much more!
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    No news to most, jailbreakers have had the calender add button for weeks
  7. sanmarcos, Nov 8, 2007
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    Is someone leaking these links? Where are they coming from?
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    That's great!

    Any news about 802.1x support?
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    No support for iPhone, I assume the same is for the touch.
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    DAMNITT!! That would be worth getting rid of the jailbreak!
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    Is it coming today?

    Do you think Apple is releasing firmware?

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    I'm looking at getting a touch, but whats with taking out maps and mail? you can look at mail right from the browser i'm sure, but can you look at google maps from the browser?
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    first of many updates
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    Link for iPhone firmware?

    For some reason my Leopard MBP can't find the iPhone update. Anyone have a link?
    Thanks in advance

    Whadda you know, it's under the iPhone announcement :)
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    biggest question mark would be whether this update would make iJailbreak nonfunctional.

    for whatever reason iJailbreak 0.30 version skipped on adding calendar events.
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    Um, yes?

    Besides, with Jailbreak on a touch the process is completely reversible plus you can add the maps and mail apps natively with ease.
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    i just thought that google maps was flash based 4 a sec, and if i'm right flash doesn't work on the touch? I was just wondering what the big deal was:p i probably wouldn't go through the trouble of jailbreaking just to get mail and maps.:rolleyes:
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    It is totally worth it if only for mail.
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    Well, short of a forced conversion, No way are most jailbroken iPods going back into the slammer.

    1. we already HAVE ability to add calendar
    2. still no email for touch says steve jobs - I've become too attached to let mail go!
    3. um, 3rd party apps? aparently streaming radio (which I have yet to try) and ability to download podcasts without iTunes?

    Quite frankly, the update doesn't interest me. Apple should have repaired the TIFF exploit because it's a vulnerability in the device. Obviously they have not done so, otherwise it would be impossible to jailbreak the old way, so why bother getting the upgrade? If my iPod is going to have the flaw one way or another, I might as well have all the sweet third party apps plus the iPhone apps.

    Hope my iPod doesn't auto-update although it really shouldn't
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    How do I use the file to update my touch?
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    hey by the way there already is a way to fix the TIFF exploit from the installer.app
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    If you're running Windows, just "shift + click" on the update button in iTunes and open the update file from there.

    If I remember correctly, on a MAC it is "option + click".

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