ipod touch from macmall.com shipping yet ?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by MacRuler, Sep 23, 2010.

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    has anyones ipod touch 4g shipped from macmall.com? thanks.
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    I have two on order. Not even an approximate date for shipping.
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    thanks for the reply. anyone else order from macmall?
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    they keep sticking with the Sept 30 date for getting them in stock
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    Well crap. I got home today and not long after UPS dropped off my two ipods. :D Never updated the order status, never emailed me. Stay hopeful!
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    Ipod touch 4th generation 32gb from mac mall

    I just called macmall custom service, when macmall previously said the order should ship by september 30th, the person with whom i spoke on the phone said the order will not ship until october 10th-11th. has any received any other information? I ordered the itouch on september 10th
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    I ordered 2 on Sept 25th.
    I called yesterday, Oct. 11.
    they said maybe Oct 15th they will have them.

    I asked why when i called on Oct 3rd they said they would ship Oct 10th.
    they did not have an answer.

    I canceled BOTH orders and ordered from Apple.com

    I hate macmall.

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