Ipod Touch Headphone port problems

Discussion in 'iPod touch Accessories' started by thefireboy, Sep 21, 2009.

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    I recently purchased some Shure SE210s for my ipod as an upgrade from the Sennheiser CX500s and the jack seemed a tiny bit loose in the port at first. So a few weeks back the left earphone started cutting out randomly and I figured out that it was the jack moving in the port. From then on i decided to walk with in my hand while listening as my pockets seem to move the jack and cut out the sound. Now even walking gets it to cut out with the movement of the cable. I have tried the headphones on other things such as my Computer and Phone and the iPod is the only thing that gets the left earphone cutting out. i have also tried other headphones and they all cut out apart from the standard iPod white earphones which suck (N)
    Any Advice? I got the iPod Touch 2nd Gen for a Christmas present so it might still be under warrantee
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    No-one has any ideas?
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    Sounds like something is wrong with your headphone port. If you got it for Christmas and it was new (or refurbished...basically, you bought it from Apple or an authorized reseller), then it is still under the one-year standard warranty, you can probably get it fixed.

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