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iPod touch in an iPhone case.

Discussion in 'iPod touch Accessories' started by Boika, Sep 21, 2007.

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    Do ipod touch's fit into iphone cases like these ones:


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    I'd say no. It's a much thinner device.
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    Oh, so defenantly no fit. =[
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    There are some nice leather cases releasing for it in October. Patience. =)
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    Vaja cases. Got one for G2 ipod and it is a beautiful piece of work.

    They're planning on bringing out touch cases and I'll be getting one for mine.

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    i agree with gloss its much thinner than the iphone

    it will definetly fit, but it will be a lot loose and i wouldnt want it to be loose
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    Is there/will there be any arm strap cases?
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    Whoa, pricey but beautiful cases.
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    Belkin is making some.
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    I would wait for a case made for the Touch. It's so much thinner than the phone. Why ruin the look of it with the bulky phone case. For now i'm using my old 40g case. It's a leather flip one that just makes it over the top, just makes it into the width to protect it while it's in my bag.

    I will probably wait for a clear hard case OR a leather wrap type. I have a clear hard case on my Nano and it had done a grea job protecting it. When i take the case off, it looks like new AND you can see the beauty of it while it's in the case.

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