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iPod touch materials?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by storage, Sep 5, 2007.

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    Does anybody know what materials they used for the iPod touch?

    Is it glass or plastic covering the display? Is the frame aluminum or plastic?

    Thanks :).

    Oh, and is it just me who thinks the display looks kinda bad on some of the hands-on pictures?
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    I hate to be bumping this, but I've been looking all over the place to find this information.

    Oh yeah, also, is the display on the iPod classic covered by glass or plastic?

    Thanks once again! :)
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    From checking the apple website I found:

    iPod Touch display specs:


    * 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen multi-touch display
    * 480-by-320-pixel resolution at 163 pixels per inch

    iPhone display specs:


    * 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen multi-touch display
    * 480-by-320-pixel resolution at 160 dpi
    * Support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously

    I am going to speculate they are made of the same materials, based on the nature of how its being used. I could not find anything about material though.
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    Thanks :). The iPod touch being plastic could be a possible deal-breaker for me. Please be aluminum/glass! :)
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    i think around the screen it's anodized aluminium and the back is polished stainless steal
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    Back=Stainless steal
    Around the screen=i think anoized aluminum
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    Based on the scratch tests posted on youtube and other sites, the screen has to be glass. Plastic just cant take the razor or keys like glass can!

    The back is stainless steel like the earlier ipods.
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    The Screen is definitely glass. Not sure about the rest
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    I think the bezel around the screen on the iPod touch is far more classy than the bezel on the iPhone. Not to mention, it doesn't scratch, either. Of course, the trade-off is that the iPhone has the scratch-resistant back.

    I still find it funny that steel gets pitted by dust, and yet plastic doesn't. Go figure.
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    Yeah i agree totally. Why on earth do apple like to put them shiny backs on iPods when all the do is scratch and get fingerprints all over them.
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    I put a invisible shield skin on mine and I love it. The back is still pristine and you can barely tell the skin is on there. I love the look of the mirrored back but wish apple would coat it or change materials to stop it scratching.
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    I totally like the anodized aluminum rim on the iTouch compared to the chrome one on the iPhone that gets all scratched up from just normal use. I wish apple would have done something about this with the new one...
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    Though I'm careful with mine, I do have a few nicks around my aluminum rim.
    My screen and back, covered in a GelaSkin, are like brand new.
    Still an eye-friendly design in my book.

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