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iPod Touch Must be shipping early!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by minlwintun, Sep 17, 2007.

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    Hey guys I just noted that Apple's online store posted a debit to my bank account for my Ipod Touch for an order I placed on the Press Conference day ... Must mean they are getting ready to ship this week!

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    They have been in the stores for the last three days...........
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    yea, but the pre-orders havent shipped. This must mean they are shipping today.
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    My iPod Touch preorder just shipped..........

    Now I hope the screen doesn't have the dreaded shimmer or back to the Apple store it goes.

    I "preordered" on Sept 5th within minutes of the Apple store coming back online after the Stevenote. Then all the Apple stores got them in last Thursday. Last time I ever preorder with Apple.com
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    Ipod Touch is in Glasgow Store

    I went in today to buy a Macbook and iPod Nano for my sister when I heard an assistant saying to a collegue "ok there in the back- but not on display- can we sell them?" And you guessed it they had iPod Touches.

    I bought a 16GB one in store- I'm not sure of stock numbers- whether there was just a few or tons - but all i can say is this thing is f££$ amazing !:)

    -Applestore Glasgow rocks!
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    My iPod Touch 16GB shipped around 12:30pm today. I ordered on Sept. 5 @ 1:30 PDT.
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    i ordered mine first thing on the 6th september so mines gotta ship soon, i thought they'd of shipped ages ago its really annoying as they in shops alredy, i want mine NOW!! lol
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    This must be a first for Apple:D
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    That's interesting that the Apple Store has them in stock, particularly when Scotsys don't expect any stock before the "official release" on the 28th September.

    Just wondering if I need to go through to an urgent business meeting in Glasgow this morning.....
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    Thanks for the heads-up about this, that's me back with a Touch. The Glasgow Store is looking very nice indeed.

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