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iPod Touch or iPhone??

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by carrollf, Sep 24, 2007.

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    I live in Ireland where the iPhone has not yet been released. There is talk of a November launch in the UK but who knows when that will get here??

    I am considering getting the iPod Touch because it looks so cool. I have a 5.5G 80Gb iPod video now (only 6 months old) and would keep this for my entire music library (around 50Gb worth). I would already have bought the Touch is it had more capacity but I suppose I can live with 16Gb!

    My question is....should I hold out for the iPhone release here or go with the iPod Touch now? Will I regret buying now if the iPhone comes out in Nov??
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    Mob the new iPhone in a few months when it has 3g.
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    So everyone definitely thinks that a 3G version is on the way??? What about a larger capacity version also and/or GPS?
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    iPhone v2 should have 3G and more capacity. Not too sure about the GPS though.
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    this may be true, but you're going to be waiting for an unconfirmed amount of time...

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