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Ipod touch plus iBook G4 = no go.

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by missigirisu, Sep 20, 2009.

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    I have an old iBook G4, OS X 10.4.9. I am happy with my mac, it works well and it nice. Then, I went and bought an ipod touch. I plugged it in and it said that it can't work with my OS. I have Power PC, not Intel, so am I able to get plain Leopard? When I click on the update button in the apple menu, it says that there are no updates available.

    What should I do? I really resent spending out for a newer macbook when this one is fine as it is.

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    Scarlet Fever

    Whats the processor speed on that iBook? If its faster than about 1GHz and has about 1GB of RAM, itll run Leo pretty well.
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    You only need 10.4.11
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    Apparently I have 1.2 GHz. About memory, I think I'm ok with that. What's Leo and how do I get it?

    And to the second kind reply, Yes, I know I only need a little update. But it's getting that update that's the problem. If I can download it then yey. But the Mac shop advised me to buy a new one (like I knew they would).
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    I also have an ibook g4 (and only 512 mb ram :eek:) and I finally upgraded to leopard a few months ago. I've been happy with the update :) My computer seems to be running it fine and it's working perfectly with my touch and iphone. I bought mine off of a seller on amazon, it was cheaper.
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    Oh! I'm out of ideas then.
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    I've got an iBook G4 1.33Ghz which runs Leopard pretty much like it did Tiger. No problems with iPhones or the Touch.
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    edit: Are you sure you don't have 10.3.9?

    Try this one:

    It'll work better than the one in the attached picture.

    You need to install 10.4.10 first with the update quoted, see the requirement at the right.

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    I have a emac and it works on it fine.
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    I think you have 10.3.9 as that is why itunes wont snyc with that ipod. It wont work with me, as its to old, and thats on a g4 agp power mac, but its running 10.5 server know XD
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    Whoops sorry you're right it is 10.3.9.

    So what should I do? I'll go on the link posted above right now.
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    Thanks, am downloading it now, but I think I have tried this before too. How do I install it when I only have 10.3.9?
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    If you are on 10.3.9, you will have acquire a copy of 10.4 (Tiger) or 10.5 (Leopard). They aren't sold at Apple Stores anymore. But Leopard was only recently discontinued so you might be able to find that still on sale somewhere. Or else, see if you can buy secondhand.
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    I'm looking online and I can get Tiger 10.4 for about $30 dollars (I'm in Japan, so that's just an estimate). So I should just buy one of those?
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    That will solve the problem.
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    Your iBook has a PowerPC G4 processor, and Tiger will work on it OR an Intel processor. So you should be okay. Note, however, that you may want to consider getting Leopard (10.5) instead of Tiger (10.4). Soon, Apple will stop supporting Tiger altogether, seeing as it came out almost five years ago.
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    But leopard is about 3 times the price because no one wants Tiger. All I want is to be able to use my ipod. When the time comes that I want more, I'll just buy a new mac.
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    Fair enough. Tiger it is then, it should work just fine on your iBook.
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    Hey guys, me again.

    I bought the disk as I said, put it into my notebook and the whole thing crashed. The back screen said "you have to reset your computer" and the forescreen had a load of technical language, with the word "panic" more than once!!

    I phoned mac and the woman helped me get out of the black screen of death and to eject the disk but she said that I'd have to send my notebook in.

    Anyone know why I coulnd't do it? I'm looking at buying a new (but used) Mac now I think.
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    leopard would be slower on his machine than tiger from my experience with a 1ghz emac

    as far as apple support, the op has been living with 10.3 lol
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    Very strange. It shouldn't just crash like that. I have only a few theories:

    First, how does the Tiger disc look? Does it look like this?


    or does it look like this?


    If it looks like the one in the first picture then its a retail CD and it should work just fine. If its all gray like in the 2nd that means that copy of OS X came with a specific Mac computer (possibly an intel model in your case), and won't load on your system.

    Does your ibook still work and only crash when you try to install it from the CD, or does it not work at all now?
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