iPod Touch Stuck on Recovery Mode

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Brandon Arias, Aug 31, 2010.

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    Aug 31, 2010
    Hi all im new in the forums i came along to register here because i needed help with my new iPod Touch that i've had for a couple days like 18 days.

    Problem is that my iTouch is stuck on recovery mode, and need advice how to kick out off but the problem is not this.

    I wanted to trade my iTouch to a BlackBerry in BestBuy but they told me you need to un-jailbreak it so we could take your iDevice, i said ok.

    So what i did was went to "Settings->Reset->Erase All" then it rebooted my iDevice and went back to Reset and pressed "Erase All Content and Settings" I sat down and wait an Hour-Half, and what i did was " Hold The Power and Home Button til it reboot and put it on DFU Mode. Notice that when i pressed erase all content and settings it was not connected into my computer so probably that messed up the process. So as soon as i wanted to restore back to 4.0.2 the iTouch frozed when the bar was almost finished but the computer didnt froze. As i sat down and waited for it could finish, i just noticed that it didnt finished then what i did was search up on google but didnt found the right answer so something came up in my head. I disconnected the wire off my iTouch and it just turned off and went to recovery mode so i connected it back and it says "iTunes recognize a recovery mode on your iDevice so i restored it back to 4.0.2 and then when the bar was closed to the end it just said "Couldnt restore the iPod "iPod" ; Error - 1611". But now i cannot even turn on the iPod Touch probably the OS Hardware got deleted but iTunes wont let me restore it back to the latest version. But if i get my video camera working again as soon as possible i will record a video of this problem on my iTouch. Please help me, it cost me $275 + Tax even though i paid $150 but i need to pay it every month. And also everytime i turn it on it goes to recovery mode but if i dont do nothing it will come off.

    iPod Touch Previous Version: 4.0.2
    iPod Touch Version: 4.0
    iPod Touch: 2G 16GB
    iPod Touch MC or Non-MC: MC Model

    PC: Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit 730 GB Ram

    Please help as soon as possible before i even go to bestbuy and get help or call apple!

    EDITED: Moderators can close this topic for prevent spam in MacRumors forums. I recently solved the problem myself since i had to re-install iTunes and reboot my computer and it worked :) Sorry for this but now i have to go to sleep cause i've awake since yesterday.
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    Sep 21, 2010
    ipod 16gb error


    Can anyone help me I've done what I could and can not think of anything else. I have a 16gb Ipod touch and it is stuck on the connect to itunes, i connect and it says my ipod is stuck in recovery mode and i have to reset it, i click reset and I get an error "2003". I've tried reinstalling itunes, changing usb ports and restarting my computer, can anyone help???

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