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ipod touch stuck on white screen

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Mac7, Jul 16, 2010.

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    2nd gen ipod touch is stuck on a white screen. You can hear it the sound that it makes when you slide to unlock but it's just a white screen. I've already tried the sleep and home button reboot and restore to no avail.
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    Have you tried DFU mode?
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    Yes I have restored in DFU mode and still nothing. I've tried restore to 4.0, 3.1.3, and 3.1.2
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    Have you gotten it wet (has it rained and you had it out).
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    no it hasn't gotten wet. I just wake it up and next thing i know white screen
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    Is there a solution for this???
    I've tried updating, restoring, power+home reset, and it's still stuck on the white screen.
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    Ah yes, I got this, right after my warranty ended too

    After resetting it a few times the screen went back to normal, although it was only temporary

    In the end I just have up and bought a refurb from Apple/ I then disassembled the old one and marveled at the iGuts
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    I've also replaced the LCD screen
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    When you tried DFU mode did it work completely and just not fix the screen?

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