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iPod touch 'upgrade'

Discussion in 'Macworld San Francisco 2008' started by MagicWok, Jan 15, 2008.

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    $20 to pay for apps that the iPhone already has (Mail/Stocks/Weather etc).

    Whilst iPhone gets a slew of updates for free.

    Hmmm - no Apple. I will be sticking to my free, no risk option of Jailbreaking still. Not convinced on that one minor thing.

    $20 isn't alot, but it is still an amount - and I personally don't feel I should have to spend any more on a device than I already have bought! Even if the update was $1, why should Touch buyers have to shell out yet more money on a device they've already bought, and some would argue was handicapped in the beginning not having these apps.

    It's the principles see.

    (Prepared to be flamed for my principles, but I stand by them)
  2. JPT
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    I bet the new iPod Touches comes with the upgrade free of charge...
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    Like how computers bought wihtin 15 days of Leopard's release have to pay a "nominal" fee of $9.99 to upgrade. Thanks Apple, but no thanks.
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    i personally am dissapointed. more reason to jailbreak as i havent yet
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    A load of bollocks. Screw this, I'll be jailbreaking out of principle and my own depths of stingeyness.
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    What is this jailbreaking term you guys are referring to?
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    Short answer it will save you 20 bucks.

    I agree I am disappointed in this.
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    So its like an iPhone but without the phone :cool:
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    Isn't the charging for upgrades issue a legal requirement? I read that Apple has to charge for these upgrades due to a provision in Sarbanes-Oxley.
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    I will say that to get all of these apps for $20, on the surface, seems like a good deal in terms of the functionality they offer for the dollar.

    At the same time, look what they've done with the Apple TV - that's quite a software upgrade. And it's FREE.

    Now, I've already got the iPhone apps on my iPod. And before the keynote, suspecting they'd be released with 1.1.3, I thought that maybe I'd give the rest of the apps up for an Apple-sanctioned solution, smoothing the way to the SDK releases.

    Now I'm staying put.
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    I honestly thought Steve was being amusing when he mentioned the $20 'upgrade'. Comical. So, do you think should I now un-jailbreak my iPod Touch and then re-jailbreak it after sending the $20 cheque to Apple? Ooooh, that's a tough decision.
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    I don't see why it's legal requirement that Apple have to charge customers anything. If they want to do it for free, they can. Just as they have done with the iPhone.

    And what of earth is Sarbanes-Oxley? lol

    ed: I'm honestly not seething about this. It's a small but prominent point I believe, and just a bit silly to charge and doesn't convince me to un-jailbreak and go from 1.11 to 1.13 or whatever. I love Scumm games too much :p lol
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    MagicWok, meet Google.com.

    lol :rolleyes:
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    i think it is ok that they charge for the new software.. because the money will defray the cost of all the developmental costs of new apps.:apple::apple:
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    I don't think the iPhone updates were a big deal, I think iPhone owners paid the premium to recieve those updates for free to be honest. Steve doesn't want to shell out another $100 a pop to appease that crowd.

    The real injustice is with the AppleTV crowd getting that slew of updates for free. That's the equivalent of getting a new product for free. The Touch updates are nominal really and can be handled by web based apps.
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    I disagree with the general negativity here... for a reason...

    Apple doesn't sell technical specs. They sell a user experience.

    The additional functionality for iPod touch come at a premium because it wasn't part of the original package to begin with.

    In the case of iPhone, users PAID a premium in advance for future functionality that was to be expected. Same with AppleTV... it was always noted that additional functionality would come at no additional cost.

    Furthermore, original AppleTV owners have paid a premium price for which charging US extra (me included) does not make sense since what we were given was barely functional to begin with. Also, the rentals may be subsidizing part of the cost of application development.

    That's another point... any software that is a portal to purchases would pay for itself over time. Any software that is not a portal to purchases does NOT pay for itself over time.

    Sarbanes-Oxeley rules aside, Apple's pricing strategy here is dependent upon what user experience was sold to you when you purchased the device.

    You have every right not to buy the software, and I'm not saying that in a derogatory tone.

    I'm just trying to explain that pricing isn't strictly about manufacturing or development cost. Demand, expectations, guarantees, and accounting regulations do all play a part in this and I suspect Apple will get the $20.

    If what you really wanted at the time iPod touch came out, you could have bought an iPhone. The fact that the features are available now for a price... Apple's not screwing you, they're charging exactly what they ought to charge to give you added functionality that the original retail price did not promise.
  17. JPT
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    Well... I was right! It comes free with new iPod Touches.
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    I think it's sad that they're doing that. It's very pathetic. $20 for 4 programs that people who buy the iPod touch from here on out will get for free. They're going to get a huge backlash, as anyone who would buy that is crazy.
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    IJ Reilly

    Essentially, yes. The same issue cropped up with activating Wireless-N on Macs which were shipped with the capability before it was supported. Not everyone apparently agrees, but evidently adding features to previously sold products can be seen to create accounting issues.

    One thing is clear: The iPod hackers are now going down a blind alley -- some willingly, it seems.
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    IJ Reilly

    I'll buy it. But then, everybody knows I'm completely off my rocker.
  21. JPT
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    What about the iPhone and ATV updates then? Those are free.
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    A bitching thread I actually agree with. Novel idea....
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    I'd buy it as well (if I had an iPod Touch). It's essentially $5 per program, that's not at all bad if you ask me.
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    The standard 1.1.3 update is, compared to the iPhone update only half an update.

    You do not get the option for example to rearange your home screen, or to add links to your home screen. The only wat to get those is to buy the update.

    I personaly have no problem with paying 17 euro's for it, it improves the user expirence and makes sure that your iPod is compatible with all apple stuff (the upcoming SDK based programs)
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    IJ Reilly

    I don't claim any special knowledge of accounting or the reporting laws. I am only recalling the same situation as it occurred with the Wireless-N activations. Apple charged $5.00 for activating that feature in the hardware, for reasons that were said to be related to accounting. I remember some saying that they thought Apple's bean counters were being too conservative in their judgement then, but keep in mind that they've recently spent a lot of time under the SEC's microscope, so this may the reason why.

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