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ipod trouble (all I have is the exclamation folder window)

Discussion in 'iPod' started by sarahmytych, Mar 30, 2006.

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    my ipod was working perfectly fine and all of sudden its starts seeking through songs. now all i have is the exclamation folder window even after repeated resets and erasing everything on it. HELP!
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    mad jew


    Are you saying that you've restored it with the latest iPod Software Updater and it's still not working? If so, then you might just have to take it back to Apple. :(
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    well i was able to delete everything off of it and then ipod installer installed it again...i think, and it began putting songs on my ipod again, but only got to the fifth song before it froze up and stopped. I unplugged it and im back to the folder message.
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    Proud Liberal

    That's indicative of a hard drive failure. If it's still within warranty, or if you have Apple Care, take it back the Apple Store. If it's an older model/out of warranty, I'm afraid you'll have to have a funeral for your iPod & then once the mourning period is over, get a new one. :(

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