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Discussion in 'iPod' started by arturovenezuela, Dec 25, 2005.

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    I am thinking about buying myself a 5g video Ipod. I would like to know how does the Ipod sort the contacts in the Contact List... by company? by name? last name? or it can be customized by my own choice?.

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    mad jew

    You can choose to sort by last or first name on my 4G. I imagine the 5G is similar, if not better. :)
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    Does anyone has a 5g that can confirm this?
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    In the settings you can choose the sort by 'Last, First' or 'First, Last', and choose to display them either way also. Businesses show up aphabetically the same either way you sort/display it.
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    I finally put my contacts on my iPod because I'm tired of carrying a cell phone, Clie, and iPod around. Only issue is that I can't add or edit on the fly with the iPod.
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    Now imagine the ability to use Bluetooth to transfer contacts from your cell phone over to your iPod (or vice versa) in the absence of a computer (because you can easily do this with the computer)
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    My wife just got a Blackberry with her new job. I can't imagine why there can't be a product that can store 5,000 songs in addition to what the Blackberry can already do.

    ::waits for someone to reply with HERE IT IS post::

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