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iPod video freezes on some movies.. then resumes..

Discussion in 'iPod' started by lieb39, Feb 18, 2006.

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    Hello everyone,

    I've got a strange problem with some of my converted video. I've used ffmpegx to convert my content, using the default settings for an iPod H.264 which include..

    Video Codec: H264
    Video Bitrate: 200kbit/s
    Video Size: 320x240 (4:3 ratio)
    Audio Codec: AAC
    Audio Bitrate: 96kbit/s
    Sampling: 48000Hz

    However, when I play the video on my iPod, usually at the beginning of it (within the first 4 minutes) the video will freeze for 5 seconds, then skip ahead (to catch up on the time lost) without audio, where either it continues, sometimes comes back after 30 seconds - 1 minute OR i skip ahead / behind with the scroll wheel.. then the part will play fine but the entire freezing thing will happen again.

    Is there something wrong with my settings? iTunes is reporting that my videos have a Total Bit Rate of 419 kbps.

    Thank you,

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    its a problem with the latest ipod firmware. Your best bet would be to use the 5-11-17 updater to restore your ipod. Or just live with it till apple fixes it, hopefully in the next updater.
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    Well Back a firmware for me until they fix this issue.


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    this is probably a newb question but where can u find the older Ipod firmware, on apples website i only see the newest version which is what i believe is causing this feezing...
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    On the CDs that your iPod came with.


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    Yea i found it but u have to restore the ipod(which in the process erases everything) to revert back to an older version. :mad:
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    ok i just got my ipod today and i have this problem also the thing is it came with the newest upadte and the softwear to resset my ipod won't even work what can i do
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    Wow.. skill.

    What what software are you using to convert your videos?


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