ipod video original software update... cause I hate the recent update

Discussion in 'iPod' started by 1rottenapple, Jan 14, 2006.

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    Ok the no backlight while holding the menu is killing my battery life so I need to go back. I plugged in my 5g and did the restore using the recent ipod updater but the version on my ipod is still ver 1.1.

    Anyone have version 1.0 for the 5g? Do you think the original cd that comes with the ipod has the original software that is running the ipod?

    I'm quite annoyed with this update :mad:
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    i'm starting to get annoyed too....let us know if you're successfully able to re-update with the 1.0 software, would ya?
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    cool it works
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    wait what is so annoying? maybe i think its annoying too.
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    what is so wrong with the software update??? The only thing i have noticed is the videos that you manually turn to tv show do not show on ipod
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    There's a 17 page thread going on in the Apple Forum concerning apparent problems with this update.

    I haven't done the update yet.
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    thanks for the link to this - i hadn't heard about all of the problems with this update. i think i'll be waiting to see if there's a fix to this update before trying it... :eek:
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    Am I the only one who thinks thats hysterical?

    Anyway Im having every imaginable problem with this new iPod software:
    - Pressing the center button takes forever for new menus to appear, repeatedly showing me album work, star ratings. Even when I pick a new song it wont show me whats playing, just a blank white screen that says Now Playing on top.
    - Skipping songs.
    - Videos will either not play or play for 20 seconds, then lose sound.
    - Videos freeze.
    - Volume randomly changes.

    So annoying. Gonna reformat right now using original installation cds.
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    For those looking to downgrade:

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    with regards to the "TV Show" indicator that's new in iTunes 6.0.2 and it not working with the iPod, that indicator only tells iTunes to display the video as a "TV Show" and does nothing to actually modify the file. to get the ipod to display something as a "TV Show" you have to change the meta-data of the video file, using either AtomicParsley (for terminal users) or Lostify (for GUI people), as discussed in this forum: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=165185.

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