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Discussion in 'iPod' started by ichii, Nov 12, 2006.

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    I recently bought a Ipod vid 30 gb used for $100, Its formated for windows. I was wondering if I can restore it, and change the format to OSX. I also wanted to know if it's possible to still use it on OSX if it's formated as windows and vice-versa. The outside condition is really scratched up in direct sunlight, are they any tips to reduce this? Thank you
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    In Windows it's formatted to FAT32 and will work on both operating systems.

    On OS X it's formatted to HFS+ and will only work on Macs. You can restore it to OS X format using iTunes 7.
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    I restored it on my Macbook, but now it's formated under OSX, I would also like to use it as an external HDD so I can transfer my imovies to my Windows PC to burn it out to a DVD. Also if it is formated under windows would I still be able to use itunes on windows and osx using the same ipod?:confused: To reformat to windows fat32 would I just plug in a pc and boot up itunes?
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    Yes, if your iPod is formatted on a Windows machine to FAT32 it will work PERFECTLY as an external hard drive and iPod for both.

    You'll just have to deal with ALL CAPS drive names that FAT32 only supports. :p
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    :confused: Thank you I got it formatted for windows now, my other concern is the scratches that it has, some of them are deep but most of them are light scratches to the metal casing and the front of the ipod. I read about Brasso and used it, but It seems to just polish the back and I can't see any different on the face of the ipod. Maybe I'm doing it wrong
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    is there any way to format an ipod video in os x? my 80gb is currently formatted for mac, and i would like to transfer between a mac an pc. however, it would make my life a lot easier if i could do this on my mac. suggestions?

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