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iPod Volume booster 1.4 help

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Cyburnclassic, Jun 3, 2008.

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    I downloaded iPod Volume Booster 1.4 for my iPod Classic, but how do I use it.
    I unzipped the file, and its a DMG file, am I suppose to put in the iTunes folder?
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    There should be a readme file when the DMG unzips, if not all you need to do is drag the application to the applications folder and launch it when your ipod is connected. Then choose the amount you want to boost the volume by on the volume level meter and click boost.
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    just found out its a Mac only program, so Ill have to try euPod instead
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    Oh OK sorry I assumed you were using a mac.

    As far as I'm aware euPod doesn't work on the iPod Classics, when I had a windows PC I tried it and it didn't work
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    Sorry to bump this thread back up after like 8 months, but I just downloaded and used this app.

    What a pain in the arse!!!

    Very quickly I was able to increase the volume limitation (by a measly 7db), and then I get a message saying - due to the fact that itunes is set to automatically update your playlists, your songs will reload next time you plug in your ipod.

    Sure enough, I plug in my ipod today to quickly update on the fly, and all 13,599 get wiped, and it starts updating from scratch! 5 and a half hours later, thank you very much!!:mad:

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