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iPod vs iPod nano- Your Thoughts

Discussion in 'iPod' started by falcon1, Jan 1, 2007.

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    Well I have money from Christmas and I want a new iPod. I can't chose between the iPod and the iPod nano. If you could tell me what you like and dislike about both models you would be a huge help. I don't like how small the iPod nano is and the colors. I like the silver and it only holds 1,000 songs. I like the iPod but people say its to big and carry around and you spend to much for what little space you get. I also don't like how the headphones plug into the bottom of the nano. Thanks for whatever advice you have.
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    Mr. Anderson

    If you plan on doing any running, get the nano and the Nike + kit. Its fantastic.

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    I love my 30gig iPod video its slim and has a rather large capacity my dads 80gig is a bit cumbersome but still rather slime compared to some *cough zune cough* i Plan on getting a nano too though. So for right now I would get the Video and then get a nano later, that is unless you're a runner then I would suggest the nano and the iPod + kit as mentioned above
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    i have both. I like them equal i think. I love the nano cause of its small and has a screen. I like the "video ipod" because it holds all my songs and can play videos. You can wait till MWSF and see if the slim chance the nano's might get bump in size. Having the headphone jack on the bottom isn't annoying at all. (it could be the top depending on how you look at it ;) )

    I use my nano more cause its small and i use it to walking to and from class and fits in my pocket...
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    So right now a nano seems like a better fit because I do run and its going to be getting warm down in Georgia in the next few months and I don't know about a bulky thing and I guess I could always get a video iPod later on.
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    I just ordered an 8GB nano, and am ditching my 30GB iPod video. Why? While the 5G 30GB iPod is indeed very slim, it doesn't compare to the nano for portability. My whole music library is about 12GB, and I only ever listen to about 4GB of that 99% of the time. I don't ever watch videos either, so really with the space and video concerns out of the way I don't have a lot of motivation for keeping my 30GB video. Plus, I think I will enjoy not having to worry about the thing having a hard drive in it.

    Why are you concerned about colors? If you're considering getting a 30GB video, then obviously you have $250 to spend, which would get you the black (or PRODUCT (RED)) 8GB nano. You wouldn't have to have any crazy colors.

    If you have a large collection that you always want to have with you, though, or are set on watching video, then the 30GB is for you.
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    I have about 400 songs on iTunes right now and I do like the black and I'll prob. get the silver or either black.
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    i dont know the new nanos look so sleek and sexy (and colorful). Also with no moving inner parts and 24 hours play back, i'd say the edge goes to the nano!
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    Alright well i'm set I guess. Now I just need to pike between the silver or the black.
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    I have a large library, but I recently got the 8GB nano for portability...I thought for sure I would have to swap out large amounts of music, but it turns out that when I am listening on the iPod, I am only listening to certain types of music, so I haven't really had to swap it out that much.
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    Well I just ordered the 4GB silver iPod nano along with the 2nd generation iPod nano dock to go along with it and I got 2nd day shipping because I can't wait lol. Thanks everyone for your help.
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    I think that you'll enjoy your selection.

    The new Nano rocks! :)
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    Yeah i'm pretty happy with it. Eventually i'm going to get the Nike system for running because I do run a lot. Any tips for using it or keeping it clean?
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    Debating this quite a bit too...

    Nano = small, cute, longer battery life
    but - max of 4GB [flash]

    iPod = large 30GB HD
    but - HD can be damaged

    Kicker is that the price difference between a 4GB [flash] vs a 30GB [HD] is only ~30 bucks [refurbished]. :confused:

    Now, as to refurbs, these are older models - the newer versions are brighter. But, is that so important if main function is audio? But,,, I want the best!!! :mad: But,,, I want the lowest cost!!! :D

    Are refurb iPods a good deal? I'm a fan of the refurb computer [my iMac is such], but haven't heard that much regarding refurb iPods.
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    The new Nanos can't run iPodlinux at all, which I did not know before I bought it. Gameboy games, programs, Wikipedia... All inaccessible for my iPod. The other iPods, including the new video to a degree, all support Podzilla.
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    The nano goes up to 8gb!
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    Well i can certainly say that the full size iPods are not big. I have the largest model of the 5th gen (size wise) and i still don't even feel it in my pocket sometimes. Certainly it's larger than an iPod Nano, but you won't be "weighed down" by it.

    The way that i would gauge it is realizing the size of your library in it's current state, and how much that library will then grow. iPods tend to have a library boosting effect in some cases, and users sometimes see sizable increases in their library's media. If you are close to the capacity of a Nano, to me it doesn't seem worth it to buy one if you know that you will still buy new music. Sure you can swap music on and off but consider whether you will want to do that.

    Also, with the obvious advantage of the full size iPod, will you ever feel the desire to watch video? Even if you don't, the full size iPod's much larger screen is quite nice to look at versus the little speck that the Nano is :p
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    Get the iPod Video. It is not that big it costs almost the same for the hard drive you are getting. You can do a lot more with iPod Video. I guess if you are a runner and have the Nike shoes than I guess it might be better to get the Nano. Good luck!
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    Yea, but, there aren't any in the refurb department as of yet... ;)

    One big concern is that of having the HD being damaged, vs. the flash of the nano. Especially if buying one for the young teenaged boychild.

    Has anyone bought a refurbed iPod, of HD or flash variety?
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    Similiar situation...

    I have a 22+ gb iTunes library, but have also found that I only listen to about 10% of the music I have on my video iPod. I have thought of just getting a black 8 gb Nano. Not too long ago, though, a rumor went around on these fora, that the Nano's capacity would be increasing in the near future. If Apple developed a 16 gb Nano, this would be a definite buy.

    The current iPods, although lighter than previous versions, is still a bit heavy. This is still surpassed by the fact, that one can carry his/her entire iTunes library, and have the liberty of choosing WHICHEVER song one wants.

    But, practicality aside, the Nano is even sexier than the video iPod.
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    For $29 more than a 30GB video, you can buy both from the Refurb Store!

    $179 for a 30GB iPod with video
    $99 for a first generation 2GB nano

    Good Plan IMO:D
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    As to there being a larger capacity Nano, what gets me is that there have been rumours PLUS actual products that have capacity in the 12 - 16 GB range, for at least half a year.

    For one example: http://www.ipodhacks.com/article.php?sid=1897
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    Yes i bought a refurb. 60GB 5th gen in September. They come completely covered by Apple warranty (same as a new iPod i think) and they do not show any signs of wear. I think they just put the parts in new casing or something, it even has the plastic labels that say "don't steal music" and stuff... the refurbs are very good purchases, you shouldn't hesitate.

    Wow that's a great deal, I say just go for that, just too bad it's not a 2nd gen Nano Silver like the OP wanted ;)
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    iPod Nano of course ;)
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    I got my nano a few weeks ago and I love it. It fits pretty well in what I do for it. I don't watch videos on the go so I didn't really need to get the full size iPod. I like this one cause right now I can just drop it on my pocket and run without having the big unit to lug around. The nano isn't really that small to me and i'm a average size guy I guess around 5'10 I guess and I like the color and the amount it can hold. I don't have all my iTunes songs on there because I don't listen to them all the time but I have about 350 on there right now and I listen to it all the time. The dock is great but I can't get the cord out from the plug in the back of it but thats alright I guess. I would recommended the nano if you have a small collection of songs. I'm going to eventually get the full size so I have both to use but i'll probably wait until the next gen to get that.

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